Monday, May 23, 2005

Pudhu vasantham

Saw pudhu vasantham the yesterday

I know that it was vikraman's first film.Came to know that K.S.Ravi kumar was the assistant director for that movie.

There is a scene before climax where the friends come to see sithara at suresh's house.

suresh shouts at them

and asks the watchman to throw them out.

Do you recognize the watchman?

Some people love to stand before the camera :).

Was that watchman KS Ravi Kumar ?

I saw Schindler's list this week end - was just dumb founded!!!! Master piece ...

But i had few concerns in the credits ...

Unfortunately nobody remembers the script writer - True ,Steven Spielberg has executed the movie in a great way ,but the script writer absolutely gets nothing ( of course awards is there ) - from perspective of people's appreciation ...:(

Ben Kinseley was just too too great !
I think ,this is the bets movie i have seen !
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wow that was a good piece of trivia :) hadnt noticed that before...
K S Ravikumar has come a long way.....from acting as a watchman to small appearances in Superstar songs.

The photos are taking lot of time to load (inspite of me accessing thru a Broadband connxn).
yes it is him.yeah schindler's list is a great movie.yeah poor script writer, that is the case world wide.

was surprised seeing it :)

i think it is the blogger issue.the images are not that big.Or did i cross the maximum limit for images in a blog or what?? :)
Did u also realise something ? KSR has made close to about 60 movies directing actors in the likes of Rajini and Kamal... While Vikraman has just about 15 movies to his credit !!! I liked Vikram for his earlier movies... but then every other movie is similar to the previous one and is so damn predictable !
Ok. I ve never watched "Puthu Vasantham" in one go and never in want of such a situation.
But each time I ve seen this scene, I ve noticed K S Ravikumar as the watchman, for the trivamonger that I am. Adding some more such instances.

1. Vasanth in Punnagai Mannan
2. S J Suryah in Kizhakku Cheemaiyilae
3. Selvaraghavan in 7G
4. Suresh Krishna in Aalavandhaan
5. Suresh Krishna in Punnagai Mannan

u r right.vikraman is not as creative as KSR.KSR is good at keeping the audience entertained.But vikraman like K.Vishwanath lives in an imaginary world where almost every character is a mahathma and the story moves to an predicatable end.Adding to the predictable story and screenplay is S.A.Rajkumar who starts "thana na thana na".

Pudhu vaantham was my roomies choice.I was annoying him by watching malayalam, bengali and hindi movies.He needed a break from me :).Intresting list... the rest i think is predictable, but SJ surya in kizhaku cheemayiley is surprising .
Me too was surprised to see him when Kizhakku Cheemaiyilae was aired recently on television.
I trust my eyes too much and caught just a glimpse of him "uzhudhfying" in a field in the movie. thought it must be him coz he seems to have been in industry for quite a while trying to make it big.
I may be wrong as well.
i will look out for this uzhavan, next time i see kizhakku cheemayiley
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