Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Om Lazy Geekaya Namaha

Recently i learned some rules regarding what to say and what not to say in the Comments section of a blog.


Thats a huge plug man. I am extremely sorry that your post got deleted. The reason was unintentional. I was deleting spam comments through MT-blacklist and even yours got deleted. This had happened a few times before and I should have made sure that I didn't delete any comment that wasn't a spam. The MT-Blacklist interface is a little cluttered and you could easily miss a good comment.

Don't worry, I have the comment stored as an email to me. I will put back the same comment.

Also, I have to re-iterate that I don't post blogposts to create a controversy. Infact, some of them complain that I refrain from posting controversial blogposts. My idea is to have a democratic public space for those who are passionate about cinema and books, for which I am passionate about. I appreciate your comments and welcome you to post back comments freely if you still feel that I was doing stuff intentionally.

Lazygeeka unga blogukku ezhukittuvanthuteenga
I appreciate you clarifying the issue.i took so much time to type the reply and was pissed to see it gone.Once again thanxs for typing a detailed message.
I am a regular reader of your blog. I am aware of the controversy stirred up by S. Anand's critique. I am disagree with with him and you both.

Here is my argument, even before India opened its economy and practiced competitive economy Indian film industry has been doing it for a long time. In the business its about survival of the fittest. You play your game as long as you are fit and as long as the audience want to watch you.

Consumers are king (in this case the movie going public). No one forces the market, the consumer can chose his product. If they think Vijay is better than rajini, then rajini would have gone by now. Case in point, the consumer turned down BABA, but lapped it up with chandramukhi.

As far for as age limit for different profession goes, if men well above 80 yrs age with wobbly knees can dream about being prime minister and chief minister, i think Mr. Rajinikanth is fit to rule the big screen as long as it takes for another young turk to bump him off.

Its just a different way of looking at the same thing.Let me put it this way.

As a consumer i think i can tell another consumer that, dont buy a product just on brand loyalty or based on the fact that the brand is giving something free. Check the product for its quality and buy it.

If we keep on using GOPAL tooth powder, we would never get a pepsodent.

We shouldn't be comparing prime minsiter's and CM with rajini that is a different field and this is a different one and definitely it is not right there also to have a old man who cannot even walk in the big posts.Yes experienced people should be the head of state etc.but not so old that they cannot do there work properly.

Also We cannot hide under the reasons that someone else is also doing this mistake, so i can do it too.No its wrong on both accounts.

Say for example there are 3 contenders for the post of PM.Laloo, I.K.Gujral and vajpayee(Assume all are in good health to head the post).Can i say to the voters that choosing gujaral over laloo or vajpayee over gujral would be better for the future of india??.would that be wrong?
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