Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My social service

Yesterday i was talking to my friend after a long time.He was having a big problem.He was having lot of free time at work and did not know how to kill time.I was shocked.i asked him,"you don't visit any blogs"?.He said nooo... i grinned and started giving him some pointers and told him to start a blog and all his worries will be solved.Iam a very satisfied person now.I have a glow in my face, i have the satisfaction that comes after pushing someone in a trap.He has swallowed the red pill.... :)

avaru enna ezhuthiirukkaru
I will update with new set of ragas on my tamil site, I am planning to take it off the thamizhmanam where people are more interested in fighting about their caste nothing much
sad indeed.
avarru inimey than ezhuthaporarru.
yeah yeah start writing.part2 oda nikuthey....
If blogs become so popular and addictive companies might think of blocking blogging sites.
At this rate, i think they will soon do it at my work place :).
Nalla social paNi!

I hope they don't do that. I've been crossing my fingers for a very long time :p
Neengalluma ?? :)
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