Wednesday, May 11, 2005

more keywords

i think People who visit my page through the search engines will be far more than the regular readers.These are the searh keywords that pointed to my site in the past few days.I am not putting some keyword searches.Thanks to my reviews on malayalam movies all kind of XXX words point to my blogspot.

kerala fujimori photo. (This has been a great puzzle for me.What has fujimori got to do with kerala??)
Google: actress Sujatha profile
Yahoo: hot pics of actress shobana
Google: solving puzzle of maulana' poems
Google: translate kolam
Google: who scored music for tirisoolam
Yahoo: kamal hassan blog rajini
Google: pictures of kissing scenes in virumandi film
Yahoo: malayalam female stories

which site gives free download of manichitrathazhu malayalam movie for free

manmohan singh vs coffee anand photo

cambodia movie star

rajinifans membership

Coffee Anand-a??? Estate owner-o??? :-)))
Yaam ariyen parabaramey :).
coffee anandhukkum manmohan singhukkum enna sambhandham?.Iam imagining some tehelka like stuff coming up.

i published a post on Google India Zeitgest, where the Top ten searches from India were listed down. One of them besides Tsunami, aishwarya rai was Anara Gupta. From then on, any search for Nude Anara Gupta on google, comes on to my site.

think about me, you look much better.

iam not better, even i get those kind of searches but.iam not posting them for the same reason.It will rehash those keywords again for my blog and i will get more hits for those keywords.
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