Wednesday, May 18, 2005

kairee (raw mango)

Kairee is the experience of a ten year old girl(Yogita Deshmukh) with her aunt taani(Shilpa Navalkar).The movie is based on the marathi short story by G.A. Kulkarni.

The is a very positive and sweet movie.But if you have been watching lots of masala movies.It is hard to enjoy the movie. This is a movie that does not manipulate the emotions of the audience with tears and moving music. It just presents things as it is.The backdrop is a small village in rural india, where women have to struggle for everything.

yogita comes to stay with her aunt after her mother's death. She likes her Taani mausi(shilpa Navalkar,she has one of the sweetest smiles i have ever seen).Both of them face problems because of men around them. Taani because of her husband who is having an affair with the maid servent and yogitha cause of the boys in her school. Yogitha is the only girl in her school who is pestered by the boys and her teacher is not that appreciative of her talents. But in midst of all the problems around them. They find there own dreamy world , a world of peacocks and raw mango.

The docile taani, who bears all her husbands behaviors silently, rebels when it comes to yogitha. she fights with her teacher for her and joins her in an another school where the master(Atul kulkarni) is very encouraging to yogitha. When things get out of hand with her and her husband, she makes yogitha leave her house with advices that she should study well and not end up like her.

The movie was produced by Union Health Ministry and directed by Amol Palekar.It won the Best film on social issues award on the 47th National Film Awards.

The movie has so many new faces and one of them is Atul kulkarni. Even though kairee was his first movie. Hey ram got released before it. He does the part of a stuttering school master who encourages yogitha and advices her to realize her dreams.

I stumbled upon Atul Kulkarni web site.It has lot of info about this awesome actor.


Atul has acted in many south indian movies and is busy in some new ventures. He is staring against meera jasmin in a malaylam movie.

Atul's hindi filmography
Atul interview in hindu

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