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Hrishikesh mukerjee's guddi is an introspection of the cinema world itself.It is letting the people know the truths of the tinsel world. Kusum aka Guddi(Jaya bhaduri) is a big fan of dharmendra and is so crazy about him that she starts loving him and decides not to marry her sister in-laws brother, navin.guddi goes to bombay with her sister in law to meet her mamaji(utpal dutt).Utpal dutt comes to know about guddi's devotion to dharmendra. He seeks the help of "dharmendra" the actor and makes her realize that A star is not the star that she sees on the screen and that the real hero is navin who loves her.Good story and screenplay makes the movie intresting even after all these years.

Well lot of people know about how a cinema is made now, at least in the cities. But not in 1971 when there was no TV's and other source of information for the peoples. Too take a movie on the movies to educate the people and at the same time give a good story is a commendable thing. And it all goes to Hrishikesh mukerjee.

There are other great things about the movie.It introduced "jaya bhadhuri" to the cinema world. Amitabh was supposed to play the role of her lover, but hrishikesh wanted someone new and by that time amitabh has become little famous. Gulzar co wrote the movie with hrishikesh.

I knew GUDDI from a long time. just because it was the movie that had the song papihara.The music director for the movie was "Vasanth Desai" and he introduced vani jeyaram to the world.She became an overnight sensation with "Bol Re Papihara".The song was an instant hit.

That is young Vaniji with hrishikesh mukerjee and vasanth desai. via

The movie has other songs like "Hum ko man" & "Hari Bin Kaise Jivoon Re".It also has partial songs like "Tujhe jeevan ki dor se" from hrishikesh's older film (Asli Naqli).The song reminded me of an SPB song.I scratched my brain and found out in a few mins that it was "unnai ethannai murai parthallum" from Neeya. Looks like shankar ganesh got inspired by the hindi number.

This movie was remade in tamil as "Cinema Paithiyam" in 1975 with jai shankar playing dharmendra , jaichithra playing jaya badhuri and kamal playing the navin's character.

Vasanth Desai

Sen...It was a pleasant experience to read the blog on 'guddi' with the 'bole re papihara' song in the BG... very thoughtful.
it is still one of my favourite songs. Its unfortunate Vanijayaramji didnt get enough recognition in North.
I heard in of her interviews, she said 'sisters'(you know who is refering to) made sure she didn't get any chances.

Apparam blog patheengala no comments ?

All going above the head.Let me read it slowly...
Good post and thanks for bringing back memories of that wonderful song.

Did you know that Latha Mangeshkar was one of the reasons why Vani Jairam couldn't come up?

Reportedly, she told the producers that she won't sing , if Vani sang for them.!

Another song by Vani ( I think she sang it ) is Malligai en mannan mayangum ponnana malar allava.!
Narayanan you are right,
thats why I mentioned about the 'Sisters'.
I will write about Vaniji later.

senthil have updated my english blog check it out and let me know
yeah pretty much everybody knows that story regarding the sisters.Well as all vaniji's fans say."What was hinid film music loss was our gain" :).

Enna oru pattoda niruthitinga.Vani j pattu one than gyabagam varutha ungallu??
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