Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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srikanth is asking why BCCI should not be taxed?.
BCCI has also told that there is no problem with the Coach “Fee” .Chappell’s remuneration is speculated around $400k to $500k per year [almost 2 Crores a year]. This is amazing, and here is an organization that nose cries when the government asks to pay tax.more
Mukund's post with various blogger names.

Rajesh krishnamurthy's photo blog

Singer chinmayi's blog

check out the interviews of A.R.Rehman Benegal and sachin khedekhar on Bose.What is meaning of the song Zikhr??.Looks like it has a deeper meaning like Fana in Yuva/ayutha ezhuthu.

Ram kumar yaps that chandhramukhi was not copied from anything at it is pvasu's creation.

senthil natarajan's joke post

blog kadambamnnu thailpila
thoguthu vazhunnga
seri saar,
today is blog kadhambham, tommorrow title is blog malli, day after tommarrow,blog shenbagam appadinnu thallaippu vachidallam :).
Chandramukhi - Vasu's own output...??? LOL....:-)
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