Friday, May 13, 2005

Amitabh movies

Veer Zara
They say your heart lightens if you share your grief with someone.So here iam. I saw "Veer Zara" :(.Both Yash Chopra's "How to take the same story in a million ways" and sharuk khan's "How to be an actor without acting" books will surely mention this movie.The pathetic shahruk khan is as much an audience like us in the movie.That to in the scenes with amitabh where amitabh will be giving all he has got into his acting and shahrukh khan will be.... as usual, just smiling.

Iam seeing Hema malini after a long time and isn't she looking young?.My first thought.Looks like mani made a wrong choice in yuva/ayutha ezhuthu.Wouldn't have made a big difference if he had choosen the mother :).

The movie is an age old story told in an age old style.Again there is nothing in the movie except for amitabh, oops iam sorry amitabh and hema malini.


Beautiful movie.Sanjay Leela Bhansali has given another nice movie.It breaks all the conventional hindi cinema story telling and presents a movie which is universal.Amitabh stands tall, wonderful performance, this movie is nothing without him.His energy is so contagious, he is a force that will hit you with so much power.The movie has lot of warm moments.

I did watch BLACK here ..Wonderful movie .....But there are three drawbacks which probably are not drawbacks but other factors which over ruled ...

1.SLB's passion with richness ....This story would have been much better had he avoided all those gloss -It was atreat to watch but it gave an appearance that the director is mor eintrested in its visuals than its content

2.Camera work was too heavy - It was brilliant and treat to watch but the main concept of how a blind lady will feel is pushed to a secondary thing .

But these are not negative points - to be correct .Ambitabh and Rani were wonderful and certain scenes did move me - Esp teh scene the Ambitabh realizes that he is victim of the disease (forgot the name oops ..) and teh scene wehere Rani MUkherjee types faster were just excellent .....

Movie slike these should eb encouraged ...
the disease is ALZHEIMER’S.Ronald reagan had it when he died.

I agree with all u said.The movie had some minor flaws.But not too big to affect the story narration.I found rani mukerjee's walking style irritating.

One thing about the visuals is that you cannot associate the place with anyplace you know.It could be shimla or parague.By using minimum location changes and minimum and rich anglo indian characters he had made it easy for any international audience to relate to the movie.That's a great move by SLB.

approam Ardh sathya pathacha??...
Senthil, ungalai deivamaa vechchu oru post ezhuthiyirukken ChennaiCentral le (eppadi irukku namma Kollywood dialogue :-))
Ardh Stya - Itw as really good .We had a debate in our house whether it is a Art or Commercial movie - I told them teh story of a Art movie and Commercial movie remains the same .It is teh Background score ,Way of Presentation ,Dialogues ,Camera ANgles ,SOng Picturisations that differentitate between teh two movies .

However i did not understand the meaning of that peom in that movie .
However i liked teh fiollowing points

1.CHaracterisations -WOnderful
2.Choice of Characters
3.Om Puri 's controlled anger from his childhood fuelled by his expereinces in his Police Career
In india we brand a movie as art movie just because it didn't follow the same narration style and characters used by others.You are supposed to have songs,dances and fights.

Ramgopal verma is a great fan of Govind nihlani.Just because of breaking those rules and giving an off beat movie which is very engrossing.

The poem takes the analogy of chakravuy that abhimanu breaks in mahabharatha to the corruption & political rowdisim.It says What i was before breaking the chakravug and what iam now are 2 different persons.He knows that he has changed within the chakravug(meaning his compromises with the politicians and his efforts to get himself out of the custodial death that he did) , now it is hard for him to get out.

I forgot all the details of the poem.I have Ardh sathya DVD.i will look at it and post a detail one later.
Senthil ,
Watch The Miracle Worker and you might find where the inspiration for BLACK came -I haven't seen this movie ,but teh story line seems to be similar ..........
yeah i heard that too...
Have u sen eternal SunShine of a spotless Mind ? Well ,no message in that film ..,no great dialogues ,no dramatic acting ( little though) ...

But one thing really startled me ..The imagination of the director ,really amazing ......The hallucination scenes ,half dream scenes were just amazing !!!!!!

None of my friends liked this movie - but i liked it for teh above said reason ..But it has lot f hallucination scenes that i don't want to see for fear of getting confused .....

(After i saw Alavandaan ,i went mad for a month or so ,more because i saw it 3 times in a span fo 1 week ...oh more kamal topic ..venaam ...enough ink has been shed on Kamal ..vendaam .....)
yeah i saw Eternal sunshine, i too liked it.It is another inside out movie like "Being john Malkovich".
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