Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Spring has sprung

I hear the birds chirping & bees buzzing.Spring is here.The tree before my house has come a full circle.The ugly tree which was a symbol of sadness is blooming with flowers now.I feel as if the tree was bearing all the hardship's to see this day, to remind that there is a spring for every one of us.




Hi Senti, tried to contact you on ur yahoo id but it bounced back. NEway let me know if you get this message @ pathakbhooshan@yahoo.com, sorry for using this forum to convey this. talk soon - Bhooshan

Where do you live man?
DC or MD ?
Nice pics btw
email me lets talk. write_sk@yahoo.com


check your mail.
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thx :D oh and btw.. plz leave a comment or sumthing
unna mara tamizhannu sonnathukku unakku kovam varalanu thonudhu :-)
This post is a proof that iam a "Mara" thamizhan.Evalavu maram paaru :).
The travelogue is fantastic.Do you plan to travel this year, too?
thanxs venky,
i was planning to do guatemala/belize/yucatan last christmas. but had to drop it due to visa problems.

i might do it this year.
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