Saturday, April 23, 2005

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cricketers

Check out this nice article.
We are possessed with what I would call 'the Rama and Ravana complex'. The devotees of Krishna are allowed to call it, 'Krishna and Kansa complex'. When our cricketers win, we worship them like gods and when they loose we hate them like demons. Our cricket enthusiasm is like a gas balloon that always flying in the sky, away from the realities at the ground, but once punctured it falls flat on the ground. For us cricket is not a game, it's either over-inflated ego or punctured pride. It's either national glory or national disgrace.more


Our peoples mentality is that.
Bet always on the winners :)
Take Rajini after baba everybody made fun of him, now again he is in front cover of every magazine.
Btw did you read an autorcious article on outlook saying tamil film industry is being destroyed becoz of Rajini and Kamal most biased article.
clearly the guy has an agenda against both Rajini and Kamal
send the link.

I have sent you a mail with links
Hey ..i gave up cricket a long time backk..just one distraction i say...
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