Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Sideways, like Motorcycle Diaries is about 2 friends taking a road trip.But the similarities ends right there.The two friends are miles(Paul Giamatti) and Jack(Thomas Haden Church).

Miles takes Jack, who is about to get married, on a tour of the wine country a week ahead of his marriage. Miles a divorced writter is looking to get his first book published and is expecting to taste lot of good wines in the trip. Jack an ex actor who is about to be married is looking to enjoy his last week of freedom and is looking to get laid.They are almost at the opposite end of the spectrum. The trip changes both their lives.

It is not a typical movie with twists and turns and a great finale. It’s a slow movie taking its time to portray the characters vividly.The story is based on the book of same name by rex pickett and adapted by Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor for the movie.

The movie does a good job in making you relate with the lovable looser miles.The movie does not follow any conventional movie story telling. When you think that miles is going to catch some off Jack's outgoing attitude and vice versa, you are in for disappointment.It keeps things real all through out the movie.

Jack is the humor part of the movie. Miles who uses all kinds of words to describe how a wine taste(good or bad), gets a standard reply from jack, "tastes pretty good to me". The movie does a great job in characterization, dialogues, it is unconventional and realistic, but needs more color.

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