Monday, April 04, 2005

My fav's

Some of my fav SPB/SJ Telugu songs.

Movie :Abhilasha
Song: Eurekha
Frolicking SJ, SPB on a rampage.

Movie :Ladies Taylor
Song:Porapaatidhi Grahappatidhi
you can feel SPB making SJ laugh with all his antics.

song: Kukuku
All she does is sing the same word again and again.But that's enough for me.such a sweet voice.

Try this link
SPB and Thotta Tharani in Hindu
thanxs for the link.check this one out.

BTW are u the tfmpage/dhool saravanan??
Nope. I very rarely visit tfmpage/dhool.

I am missing songs of SPB and Janaki these days. They are talented, popular still humble. Young singers shud learn from them.

Why nobody in Tamil Nadu felicitate them ?
good question.SPB is trying so hard to get the recognition that MSV deserves.nobody seems to be minding him anymore.NObody bothered to felicitate illayaraja also when he did the symphony.kerala govt did that.I guess it is becasue Musicians attend so many stage shows so there felicitation also goes as another stage show.
is this blog and kkk(kkirukan) of the same author? since both the contents are somewhat similar. just wanted to know.
No fantababy,
we are diff people.the musharaf post is a campaign that is being carried out by a few bloggers.And the rest are same caus eof our same intrests i guess.
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