Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Motorcycle Diaries

Let me start from where i left in Before sunset. Have you been one of those idealist celine was talking about?.Some one dreaming to change the world, or have u ever dreamt, changing the world when u grow up?.If yes, you might look back and think those thoughts where just another unachievable dream. But what if something changed you and you had taken the chance. This is the story of one youth who changed the destiny of a country and became inspiration to an whole new generation. An icon, Ernesto che guevara.The slogan for the movie is "Let the world change you and you can change the world".

Motorcycle diaries is based on Guevara's memoier's "The Motorcycle Diaries: A Latin American Journey" as well as his friend/travel companion Alberto Granado's Travelling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary,on there 12000 km road trip of latin america .Adapted by José Rivera

Che guvera is played by Gael Garcia Bernal and his friend by Rodrigo De la Serna, the director has brought together actors from 2 corners of latin america a mexican and an argentinian for this movie.Garcia bernal seems to choose great movies.Can't imagine he was the same guy who acted in Y Tu Mamá También.He has given a controlled performance, making you believe in the sincerity he shows towards the people he meet's on the trip.

The movie starts with two aspiring doctors making a trip of latin america,before they become a full fledged doctors.They start from buenos aires/ argentina pass through chile, peru, columbia to caracas/ venezuela.Che leaves his friend in venezuela and flies back to buenos aires, the movie ends with the real Granado, looking out from the same airfield where he said goodbye to his friend Ernesto in 1952.

It is greatly adapted, making a movie on a larger than life figure like che opens up so many avenues for improvisation, but the movie does not go into any politics or does not indulge on his more personal life.It sticks to the theme of finding what these men where going through at that time.How the trip seeded the idea of revolution into an aspiring doctor.

The writer has chosen to end the movie with the big incident of che crossing a river to spend his b'day with lepers rather than his collegues. That amazon tributary becomes his rubicon. You can enjoy the movie more if you are che fan. Otherwise it is an ordinary road story with beautiful photography and music. For che fan's it is a biopic, seeing the early years of the greatest revolutionary of our times.


This book is an inspiration for all those who don't have any limit.. Who just decide,pack their bags,start their bike nd perambulate...
Must read though the words were difficult
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