Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mohanlal movies

i was discussing with zero
on the Mohanlal movies that got remade/inspired.Thought i will post those movies that i know here.

1.Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street -> Anna nagar mudhal theru(sathyaraj)

2.Devasuram -> Mallu vetti minor(sathyaraj)

3.Chithram -> Engirundho Vandhan(sathyaraj)

4.Nadodi kathu -> Kathanayagan(pandyarajan)

5.Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam ->Illam(siva kumar)/Mera ghar thera ghar(sunil shetty)

6.Vietnam colony -> Vietnam colony(prabhu)

7.Manichitratazhu -> Chandra mukhi(super star)

8.Thenmavin Kombathu -> Muthu(super star)

9.Kireedom -> Gardish(hindi)

10.Thalavattam -> Manasukkul Maththappu(prabhu)

11.vandanam -> Sambavam(Tamil)/chithram Nirnayam(telugu)(nagarjun)

12.vanna vanna kanavugal(karthick). I forgot the exact name of the mohanlal movie somthing like adi ozhukugal

i havn't seen these one.but i heard they were also inspired.

13.Cheppu -> lesa lesa(madhavan)

14.Minnaram -> Azhagaana Naatkal(karthick)

15.Bharatham -> Seenu(karthick). Guess who would have the courage to remake a classic like bharatham in tamil with karthick as the hero. It is P.Vasu. Nothing is impossible for this guy.Thank god i didn't see this movie.


you flipped "Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam" and "Thalavattom" (which itself was a take-off from "One flew over the Cuckkoo's Nest" and Priyadarshan planned to remake it in Hindi once with SRK and now with Salman!)
Knew most of the remade flicks (i mean, knew that they were remade). But was not aware of the titles of the originals. Needless to say, I haven't watched any of the originals you mentioned.
Among the tamil films, Satyaraj is the one who reaped the largest from the malayalam film industry.. as I already mentioned in my blog. :D
--unfinished comment contd.

.. and wasn't "leysa leysa", a remake (made by who else but, Priyadarshan, the King of remakes) of the Sibi Malayil's "Summer in Bethlehem"?

btw, a great post and I would like to see you writing on the Malayalam comedy movies as well!!
yes most of priyadarshan's movies are remakes.
vandanam was from "stake out"
Boieng Boeing from "Boeing Boeing".It is a hilarious movie though.
you flipped "Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam" (which was the original of "Illam") and "Thalavattom" (original of Manasukkul Mathappu), i guess!
am i rite?

P.S.: My pointing out this in previous comment, got blurred out i suppose. Sorry for that!
nope i didn't flip it.lot of other posts on the net have flipped it.
Dude, FYI, Mallu vetti minor came before Devasuram.
Lesa Lesa is Summer in Bethlehem
I would say Nammar was inspired by Cheppu
thanxs for the info vijay
Vandanam was nirnayam in Telugu. Msot of these were remade in Telugu as well .Kireedom for instance into a Dr. Rajasekhar flick, later dubbed into tamil as part of the "nee dhaan da naan dhan da poda vaada dalda etc" series!
thanxs for the info.I forgot the name.I just remember the "Hello guru Prema kosamey" song."Pooda Vaada Dalda" series :).
zero u r right i flipped thalavattam & ss.iam changin it
While we are talking abt remakes and stuff...just wanted to add a comment. I heard from some of my mallu friends that most of Priyadarshan's movies are "inspired" from foreign movies. I must say that Malamaal weekly was a rip-off of Waking Ned Divine which is far better than this hindi movie.
Bad habits die hard.. So who knows what were the sources of his other hit Malayalam movies :-) Need to keep looking cos "story-lifters" are becoming more intelligent.
Im a biggest fan of Mohanlal Sir From TamilNadu, After watching unaipol oruvan in tamil I became his fan, Today I read a news in the form as Mohanlal Latest News which says that someone from Dubai Is going to fund for the Mahabharatha movie, can anyone share me anyother detailed information about the movie.
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