Thursday, April 21, 2005


I love the song "Adhi kalayil sevalai" from Nee varuvai enna.It is a very romantic song.I used to imagine the lines, a young lover pleading with a rooster to roost in the morning, so that he can see his love earlier.Also there was something very familiar and catchy about the tune .

Iam right now in a malayalam art phase, checking out mallu movies and mallu songs.I heard the song Kaaveri Theerathe which started with the same feel as that of the "Adhi kalayil...".Suddenly it dawned on me that the song is on the tune of a devotional song.Even though this is very familiar song, iam not able to exactly point out which devotional song it is.Iam totally clue less when it comes to devotional song.I wouldn't know, even if it is from supratbatham.Can any experts help me??.

Well it turned out to be suprabatham only.Venkatesha suprabatham according to KKK.
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