Friday, April 08, 2005

I didn't invite him

picked up from Acron

Peace talks are different, but mush is not acceptable as a social guest. Forgetting the fact that he is a general who is still trying to get a victory for his side, hook or crook. I think it is just dumb on the part of the govt to invite him.

Why do we have to take all these efforts to glorify Mush.He shameless self invited himself and he is going to get all the mileage out of it. Imagine a pic of the military general and the kurta clad manmohan singh watching cricket.Such an image will only make the world praise the general, the frail manmohan singh will be forgotten.

Even at the worst case of having decided to invite him.The govt could have gained some mileage by making him watch the match in Ahmedabad to prove the world that the riots are a thing of past there. But they have played into his hands and has given him all the concessions of watching a match at the capital, where it is easier to get the attention of the world media and the consulates.Mush is probably going to announce "Most Favored Nation Status for India" during this trip and get all the limelight.

I wholly support this.
No Visa/Entry for butcher of Kargil
true. i agree with you. i think politics has to be blamed for all these.
I wish any one of the political parties protested against him
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