Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Heading for a tie?

I get a strange feeling that the whole IND-PAK series is fixed.The test series is already a tie.After india winning 2 straight matches, all it had to do was win one more match to be on a commanding position, but that would have taken the intrest out of the remaining matches.some how pakistan seemed to have bounced back and won the next 2 matches.The whole things makes me wonder whether this series is a HIGH LEVEL fix?.My prediction is it is going to be 3/3.BTW Why the hell would they keep a 6 match series, y didn't they go for odd number match series???.

Just what I thought after the last ball snatch dude. It's hard to believe Indo-Pak matches turn out to be so dramatic al the time.
Same thing last year if one team is 2 up the other team catches up , to set up a nice finale.
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