Thursday, April 14, 2005

Happy New year

Wishing all the tamilians, sorry tamilians & malayalees, sorry tamilians/punjabies and malayalees, sorry tamilians/malayless/punjabies and bangla people , ok ok let me stop it hear.Wishing everyone who is celebrating a new year today a very happy new year.I knew about tamilnadu,kerala and punjab but was surprised to hear that april 14th was a new year in the bangla calendar too.I looked up and here are the other countires apart from bangladesh that have new year around april 14th.Burma,Cambodia, Lao, Thailand and even Sri Lanka.

Pahela Boishaki


Sri lanka
Burma maha thingyan
Assam Bihu

Tamil New year :)

atleast that is where the crowd is going to be.Experience it here. more

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Baishaki pics

senthil, great pics man!...
nice way to put the new year..
when it comes to Rajinee fans..! we rule beyond compare.
thanxs sriks, i think chandramukhi is coming to dc next week.

super pics
senthil, that pic makes me feel hungry :)
nice pics man.
oh yeah.. i happened to have vishu food god, even after so many yrs. i still remember the taste man.sighhhhh,let me come to reality, got to go check my fridge for any yesterday leftovers for dinner today.
In DC? but I might drive to NY for the movie, I very particular about the sound system because most desi movie house in US are mere 8 mozam veshti and a cone megaphone, packaged with left over samosa from the previous movie...:)
being a sound geek I dont have the guts to face it.:)
Wonderful pics. First time visitor. You've been added to my bookmark.
Thank you
Great post and wonderful pics. Thanks Senthil.
have fun

Loved your Happy New Year post. With best wishes.
thanxs rana
Hey Sen, You forgot Assam in the list, they celebrate "BIHU" on April lets make the list a lil longer
Voice :))
is that so.lets add bihu too then.
advance happy new year
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