Friday, April 22, 2005

From my cell phone

I know i have to get a better camera phone.But for now iam struck with this one.

The King




The first 3 pics are obvious.Let me explain the 4th pic.It is a fan's group taking picture before the chandramukhi poster.

WHAT you don't beleive me?.

I promise it is bunch of guys before the CM poster.

Still not beleiving me??.

Let me explain it to you in style.Remember the joke where he shows a blank paper and says that he has drawn an airplane and passengers getting out of the it......

Do you still need explanation??

so you where clicking away pics at the movie hall ?

and last one is the best of them all :)

My fonts issue is fixed now.
and check my tamil post.
Police kitta solla poraen, mobile phone vechu theatre-la mosadhi nadakkuthu-nu :D
niyum thana pakathulla iruntha, enna maranthutiyaaa??
praveen..mmmm nee song clipye potavanache, 6 months to 1 year sami....:))

btw: i also went to Chandramuki mela! in fairfax, enna kutam, enna kutam, managed to get a seat in the 3rd row from the last. enjoyed the movie again with my family this time, I laughed more for "kajakajakaja" mandravathi..part.
and Prabhu's emotional outburts...

btw: this theather was most galige...part of VA. cant they clean and be better organized? I dont think so i will go again.
my friends went for the 1 pm show.I heard so many stories.The movie was stopped thrice it seems.The owner(indian lady) came out and said if the audience continue to throw paper bits she will stop the show etc.
When she was seriously saying that someone shouted , ownerukku oru OO podu and a big O went out it seems :).
Awww that sounds so fun - the audience was quite well behaved the first 2 times I went here - no fun :ppp

Here the usher's will throw you out or signal you out if you take photos or record (thiruthu vcd comes from here) - saw a few the first time I went :)
Indian movies don't run in the main cinema theaters.They run in some chotta motta complexes that's y the lack of discipline, otherwise it is the same here to.
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