Friday, April 22, 2005


I happened to stumble upon a indian store which has lot of mallu movies,which is kind of rare in US. You can always find stores carrying telugu and tamil movies but not malayalam or kannada movies.The last month has been a mallu month for me.I checked out on all the mohanlal movies that i missed in last 3,4 yrs. I heard that dileep is now the superstar and his movies are doing better than mohanlal and mammotty. so thought i will check out some of his movies.

Here are a few movies that i saw. All the movies are clean movies with varying dose of comedy. All of them are light comedy movies without any big fights or other unnecessary stuff and all of them had good songs.

Sadanandante Samayam

The comedy dose is less in this movie but a nice story.It is a story about a guy who has blind beliefs. Sadhananthan(Dileep) is born in a wrong time. His mother dies giving birth to him.The astrologers predict that he will bring lot of bad things to people around him.From there starts his belief on all old customs and blind beliefs. He does all kinds of pooja's so that his bad stars wont affect others.But lot of times his blind beliefs not only affects him, it also affects others who are dependent on him. He gets married to kavya madhavan and has a kid. one day he meets an astrologer who tells him that he will die in a month or so. He believes it so much so that he resigns his job, get's insurance on his name and starts doing things believing he will die soon. Whether he dies or not is the climax.

The movie has some nice songs, especially Ommalaley & the qawwali number "Tharivalla" music by mohan sithara.

A normal story, with lots of comedy. Dileep gives a nice performance as a crazy guy. Nedumudi venu believs that dileep is his lost son and brings him to their village. kavya madhavan falls in love with him. Dileep later gains his sanity and there is a twist in the tale.

The crazy dileep has a unique habit, which is very comic and its a laugh riot with him in the first half.The movie has some nice songs. The tamil song "Enna thavam seidhanai" by chinmayee(yes there is a whole tamil song like many other mallu movies) comes at an appropriate time in the story(unfortunately that song is not there in musicindia)."Ennikoru penn undu" is a beautiful number by kjj and sarey sarey sambarey is a fun song.

Kalyana Raman

Dileep is a wedding planner. who meets Navya nair at a wedding. He gets his brother married to navya nair's sister. on the eve of navya-dileep marriage navya's sister dies in a fire accident. Again when they think about doing dileep-navya's marriage, the astrologer tells that any bride who gets maried into the family will die. Navya's father who has already lost one girl getting married to the family , does not want to marry navya into the family.Whether they get married or not is the climax.

There is lot of comedy scenes with dileep and innocent. There is a beautiful melody "Kathayiley raajakumaranum" by kjj.

Meesa Madhavan
No big story.It's about a loveable theif madhavan and his efforts to recover a small peice of land that was mortgaged long before. A light movie,with lot of comedy scenes.The songs are nice.Music by vidhyasagar.

There is a beautiful songs called "Ente ellam ellam" by Kjj and sujatha. The song is on a situation when madhavan breaks into the house of his lover and starts singing the song in a slow voice, so that nobody will hear him.I absolutely loved KJJ and sujatha's singing and was watching the song in an endless loop. I didn't know who the female singer was until sujatha uttered "Ninodu mindilla gyan.." and i loved kavya madhavan's expression's for those lines .There are some other good songs also "karimizhi" which has interlude music like "Aasai Aasai" from dhool and "chinga masam".

An ordinary story. dileep is son of a great music director. There family is poor now and he tries to make ends meet. Meera jasmine is a jew and her family wants to go to the holy land by marrying her to someone who is in israel.But she is in love with dileep.There is a love triangle and an usual climax.All the songs are good.

Guess what is meera jasmine's hobby instrument.It is a Cello. hmmmm when did directors start thinking beyond a hallow guitar.Music by vidhyasagar, he has done a good job(Thank god vidhyasagar didn't introduce his favorite "Udith Narayanan" in malayalam). Dileep's father is supposedly an expert in making gazhalish folk songs. so some of the songs have those gazalish folk flavours.The song 'oru poomazha' reminds the old tamil song "malargal malardhana paniyaley".

Pattanthil sundaran
This movie has the least comedy dose compared to all the others.Dileep is a village guy who is running is own ration shop.He loves his wife radhamani (Navya nair) who is more educated than him. navya nair gets a job in city. Dileep does not want her to go to the city.But he agrees later due to pressure from everybody. He goes with her to the city, but secretly makes plans to make her leave the job and return to the village. Lot of drama follows. Again KJJ rocks with this song.Kannanayal radha vennum

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Actor Dileep who is in jail has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her. KB Ganesh Kumar came to Aluva sub jail and saw Dileep. Dileep, script writer Benny P Nairambalam, actor Sudheer, George Geethan's Pooram producers Arun Ghosh and Bejoy Chandran also met on Tuesday. 
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