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Critics Rascals

The article critics rascal by s.Anand has been mentioned by few blogs.But surprisingly everybody has trashed it.Yes, Anand has gone to the extreme in bashing rajini and kamal.But i feel his article shouldn't be completely ignored. Few points made me think.

His larger-than-life image, fan associations, frenzied reverence: all these make it impossible for the movie to become more important than the star.

Aren't we doing a mistake by still rooting for a 55 yr old rajini doing a matrix like stunt?. Aren't we doing a mistake by making the stars more important than the movie?.

I still remember seeing songs of old mgr wearing a yellow suit romancing latha or the fat shivaji sitting on another fat shivaji in tirisoolam.I used to make fun of my mother who was a big shivaji fan. I used to tell her only because of fan's like her those kind of movies get made. Now thinking about that, wont the next generation , my children’s do the same thing to me.

It is only because of this behavior of putting the stars above the movie that we had some absurd movies. NTR was dancing with sridevi, MGR was romancing manjula and shivaji was singing with ambika. The reason why the previous generation did it was for there eyes MGR,NTR and shivaji were still young and they didn't mind these absurd movies until there star was there. Now looking at the current situation i feel nothing has changed and we are doing the same thing once again. And probably surya and vikram are going to do the same thing with next generation.

"People like it that's why they do it"."People have to change" etc etc are the few answer's that you get. The people are no one other than me and you. I think that the article is a question to me and you?. When are we going to put the movie above the stars?. when are we going to put the cricket team above the star player?. When are we going to vote on the qualification's of our constituencies contestant's than the party that we like?. We all know what is right, but somehow we don’t seem to do it.

In Cine industry, this doesn't change. Most of the people succeed only after 30. They remain in the industry for atleast 15 years plus.. (earlier it used to be 3 decades, now we are saved).

As it happens in Hollywood, we need to swallow these guys appearances if their movies are good.

If they are not good movies, people will obviously reject them as happened to K.Bhagyaraj.
Nice point made there!

But this lament (The now-famous "Critics.. Rascals!" article) is not quite unique for Tamil film industry and is a universal truth for famous superstars all over India... (to an extent, all over the world!) and definitely has got nothing to do with Kamal or Rajini.

Interestingly, got reminded of this. Kamal has gone on records, telling that if "Hey! Ram", he would have stopped acting and gone on to direct films...
Why? why should we do it?
Who are you to tell me not to adore my favorite personality, what is wrong, does this make me a criminal? The article by this person talks as though we adore some kind of underworld don who goes against the law of the land.
This is after all some a virtual preference by humans most will forget when they get back to their routine,
Senthil, how would feel if I choose your lunch from today, some letuce with a pita bread. thats all, and mind it i would brand you as unhealty person if you eat anything other than this, agreed? will you accept?
First, On one has the right to tell what to choose and what not to choose.

The major flaw in that article was a free prescription by a quack.
Same fans clapped for a Ilayaraja Raja , A.R.Rahman and same fans clapped for movies like Kadal to Anbe sivam to Pokiri Raja. It is easy to be a fan. After all, it takes about 2 minutes to critique another person work. I find it very odd when a person who adores geninue art support this quack.
Say you are eating pizza daily. you go to the Doctor and he tells you about all the bad part of eating pizza, like it is going to increase your cholestrol levels etc and Prescribes you to eat pita and letuce to stay healthy on the long run.Is that wrong?

I feel that he is just letting out a painful cry that we are not encouraging more realistic works in the way we are encourage the 2 big guys.

I agree that he has gone to the extremes in bashing rajini and kamal.That's why iam focusing on one of the issues that he raised.

Should we always see the star above the movie?.

If it would have come from someone genuine that critisms is ok but not from this guy.
nobody can predict peoples choice? you know that, the crowd that whisteled for CM also encouraged Autograph , Kadal etc.
Days of star worship/pull is over with Kamal and Rajini none of new stars cannot do those magic. And in cinefield there is enough space of everyone. To put all the blame on Kamal Rajini is totally biased.
Stephen Anand has also some links with Thirumavalan party, so there is some politics involved too.
I don’t consider my self as inferior to clap for Rajinee, or superior if I like only the Malayalam version of Chandramuki. It does not establish a fact.
100% enjoying CM, I would also enjoy a movie like Matrix. I am entitled to like Rajnee or Kamal or a tight script like matrix. Or all three of them;
There will be a group that liked “Tamizan” the movie. I can ridicule only the movie, not the fans of the movie, they have the right to like it. And they are not inferior to me in any way just because they liked the movie that I considered as crap. Freedom of choice.:)
I dont know anything about this guy S.Anand.Who ever he is, he has asked a question and iam trying to do some introspection.

Anand has also told the same thing that people have started recognizing realistic movies and they are rays of hope.But the days of star workship are completley not over.He has pointed out that now because of the success of CM there will be another rajini movie in a couple of years, with another young heroine. This will keep continuing till the audience reject him or till he decides to quit acting.

I can accept a gravitation defying stunts in matrix but not in CM. Within the frame work of matrix that stunt was fine.But it is just absurd within the framework of CM.And that is what he is saying is wrong.

I personally think rajini is a more natural actor than kamal.He does not have to do as much hard work as kamal, to make people cry or laugh.
Imagine the possibilities if rajini starts acting like current amitabh. The moment you start thinking stories for an old age rajini a number of non conventional stories can pop up. A role like one amitabh plays in BLACK. Amitabh is still a superstar, a veteran who is on a graceful exit.And rajini can also do it, if his fans permit him to. So who is stopping a genuine work of art?.
Don't take it as if he is saying that you are inferior for your choice. He is clearly not against main stream movies

"In literature, there's space for both creators of high artistic value and the really populist writers. Cinema could similarly throw up both genres of films."

Yes of course he has gone to the extremes to bash both rajini and kamal.If you ignore the comments and look at the core of the article you will find that he is just another dreamy guy who is hoping to see a cinema industry, which will be filled with more realistic work of art and he is brooding over the current conditions.
quipping in late!
Jus b'cos an actor doesn't strive too hard, he doesn't become a natural actor!
With all due respects to Rajini and all his fans out there, Rajini can't scale upto Amitabh. And for me, that transitively means upto Kamal as well (talk about all his striving hard and stuff).
Rajini does not have to strive hard.He can emotionally impact the viewer with a few facial expression.If you would have seen "mullum malarum" or some of his other movies you can observe that most of the sad scenes there is not much of commotion like kamal movies.Every thing is done in facial expressions.Take any kamal's sad crying scene, there will be so much happening, but still the emotional impact will be less.

Yes you are right it is for both of them.The chances of kamal doing older roles are higher than rajini.
and what about AMITABH BACHAN doing in BOOm..he is such a stupid actor in history of Indian Cinema
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