Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chandramukhi - Me too

Well i also happened to see the talk of the town this weekend. Having seen manichithra thazhu already i was there more for the festive environment than anything. The movie started with all the typical rajini melee, started slowing down after a while and in the end fan's even started making fun of rajini, when he was explaining about the psychological aspects.

For someone getting to know the story first time. The experience will definitely be different.But my viewpoint here is about things other than the main story.Looks like Rajini wanted to steer clear of all the political flavors in this movie, that is clearly evident from choosing this story to not letting Vairamuthu write any lyrics.But that has brought down half of the fun. As far as this movie is concerned , the story is the hero.It wouldn't have made any big difference if sharath kumar acted rajini's role.Rajini is not bringing in any of his strong skill into the movie.

This is a different rajini movie for sure. Rajini has to be commended for choosing the subject. To a certain extent the movie struck to the original story line. Rajini looked younger than how he was in baba and he looked a lot younger in the king attire. That attire fitted him perfectly.


The only mistake that rajini did is, he choose P.Vasu as the director. This stupid XXXXXX(choose one of the bad words from your dictionary) has done a pathetic job in the movie. Instead of exploiting the strengths of rajini , he has totally wasted it. One of the major alterations that he did to the original was adding a snake. I don't have a clue what was the purpose of this whole animated snake thing, it brings down the movie to a rama narayan flick level. And similarly he didn't have to include all these vulgur jokes. Even some of rajini's dialogues where censored, i don't remember when was the last time rajini's non-political dialogues where censored.

some of the vadivelu rajini jokes were hilarious, but by making vadivelu react and keeping rajini serious, vasu again has made a mistake. Rajini's forte is those simple facial expressions and reactions. He gave them to vadivelu and deprived rajini of the lime light.

Genius Vasu's other great modification from the original story is nothing but another cut and paste from another malayalam movie("Aaram thamburan").He failed to develop the characters like the original version and also he exaggerated everything.The split personality changes where more subtle in the original versions.

The songs could have been picturised better , except for Annanoda pattu, athindhom(who was the responsible for that dress, light blue kurtha and cream color shaal) rest of them were just ok.The choreography was nice for both the songs. Prabhu still dances gracefully with a big grin in his face. SPB rock's as usual. Again the songs lack the vairamuthu lyrics.

Vasu clearly is not in the league of suresh krishna or K.S.Ravikumar.He has forgotten the simple fact that rajini movies don't need a great story. They will run just for the larger than life personality of rajini. He has got lost into the nitty-gritty of a complex story rather than bring out the rajini touches. Given the fact that there is no villain to challenge rajini.All it needed was a few comedy scenes where the lime light is on rajini.instead of wasting time with the snake or on that dumb henchman character he could have added some simple jokes for rajini.


At the end of the movie you see the credits "direction by P.Vasu". What the hell did he think he has accomplished. I wish i could personally run a bull dozer over him and after the bull dozer passed over him, when the camera zooms in for a close up i would say, REPEATTTUUUU and do a reverse gear and bulldoze him again.

Cool down buddy
unarchivasapadathinga :)
comparing it with malayalam movie with this one is going to bring lot of issues with pace,diretion,subtlety etc.
So lets not go there
Looks Rajini did hit a home run paisa vasool
I haven't seen the movie yet will wait for the DVD, I dont' know how long will it take.
I was mentioning in my blog about $20 ticket? how much did you pay
Iam cool man :).Well iam not comparing it withe the malayalam on every aspects, just a few core things.

The movie i think will go down very will with the female folks and they will keep it alive for a long time.

Nothing like that ganesh. I got it for 12$ and now that the initial euphoria is over, it is surely not going to go to 20$.
i paid $12.00,and theater had great seating with 5.1 DTS sound it was simply amazing!
and 12.00 was worth every penny..for full 3hrs for entertainment.
and i never came across a place that sold for $20. atleast in NJ area.
U went to the North Bergen one right??. i was there friday 10.30 about you?.I guess you will be going to the screening this weekend in dc also :).
BTW where is your review ??
senthil, yes, i went to the 2.00pm show,
i should go again in DC, do you know which location in DC? i think my review: yes! will be out soon.

btW: whats your phone number? we need to talk about mumbai express :) great movie man.
i emailed it to your email id
Hey Cool review.
thanxs narasi
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