Monday, March 07, 2005


Somehow i missed the news of Great malayalam film music director Ravindran's demise.The MD who kindled my intrest into malayalam film music has passed away.

I first came to know about him in early nineties. I was watching tv and there was a news clipping, it said that Dr.KJ Yesudoss had won the president award for best singer that year.It was for the movie "Bharatham" and they played the song "Ramakadha" for a few secs.It was the first saranam where KJY breaks into this high octave, high speed rendition of the song, his voice control was staggering. I went crazy after hearing that song.I went to the nearest music store to get the cassette. After visiting a few music stores it dawned on me that we tamilians love our language so much that we have completely shut ourselves within the tamil music world and that it is not that easy to get a malayalam film cassette in the outskirts of chennai.Atlast i got it from a music store near a mallu area.

It was my first malayalam music cassette, after listening to bharatham,i realized it was just not ramakadha but the whole album was studded with beautiful songs, then i bought "His highness abdullah".HHA convinced me that the malayalam music industry is in a level of its own and after that i started listening to more malayalam songs and when ever i listen to a beautiful malayalam song , most of the time the MD will be ravindran. songs like Harimuraliravam from "Aaram thamburan" Azhagey from "Amaram" , sayanthanam from "kamaladhalam", "Kannadi adhyamai" & "andholanam" from Saargam, All songs from "Manichithra thazhil", Maaney from "Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu" etc.Even though i have heard the songs of "Rasigan oru rasigai" i didn't register him as the MD till i heard a lot of his malayalam songs.

I loved his songs for strict classical compositions and for the songs brimming with bhavam's.Such a great composer is no more. check out the tribute to raveendran in dhool.Here is another one which lists all his tamil films by saravanan

really this is a great loss to malayalam cine world :(.
The songs fromSARGAM& MANICHITRATHAZHU are not from Ravindran Master.Really a loss to Malayalam music
thanxs for the info.Let me correct myself.sargam is by bombay ravi and manichithra thazhu is my Radha Krishnan M G.
I was searching for his songs and a google link pointed to your site. Nice to read your blog on Raveendran Master. I am a die hard fan of his songs. It is indeed a big loss.
I have a list of his works so far, though not an exhaustive one it covers most of his songs in malayalam movies. If u r interested in the same i can email it to you.
Please do.I would be me at
yea...did that already. Look out for the mail with the subject 'ravindra sangeeth' in your mailbox.
it is a great loss to malayalam film industry. who can forget his composition in mizhi randilum. aalila thali is such a nice composition.

my condolences to raveendran fans
i am aparna
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