Sunday, March 20, 2005

A matter of principles

The issue is just not denying visa to a person. By doing so USA has concluded that he is the person who is solely responsible for the riots unilaterally.

What are the implications of this on the security of the country?

Pakistan has been trying to escalate the Kashmir issue for a very long time now. It has been trying to convince the world that there are large scale Human rights violation in kashmir and lot of innocent people are killed by the army. These groups can sight modi's issue as an example and ask to revoke the visa of the kashmir chief minister or something on that line to get world attention. And USA will again unilaterally pass judgement about issues that are taking place in kashmir and other parts of the country.

We must not allow other countries to pass judgments on our citizen’s .Such a decision is just one step ahead of arresting him or taking any other action against him. If modi can be unilaterally judged, it could be done to any other indian citizen too.

Is US promising that this particular law will be used strictly without any discrimination?.
I don’t think so. This law will be used selectively on a political need basis. And that's why we have to ask the question. Why now? Why Modi?.

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