Saturday, March 12, 2005


I came across an interesting article about cows. It talks about how cows are capable of feeling strong emotions.
Cows are also capable of feeling strong emotions such as pain, fear and even anxiety — they worry about the future. But if farmers provide the right conditions, they can also feel great happiness. more
It also says that
Our challenge is to teach others that every animal we intend to eat or use is a complex individual, and to adjust our farming culture accordingly.

I started thinking about cow and its role in the hindu many random thoughts came to me. Here are some

#)Did the great sages and forefathers knew these informations.Was the importance given to cows in hindu culture because they knew these before. Or was it just another blind belief/custom.?

#)If the article is true then the festivals like "Mattu Pongal"(A day dedicated for cows in the 4 day pongal festival in tamil nadu) make sense. Probably all the cows will be expecting mattu pongal eagerly all year round, the day when they will be spotlessly cleaned, horns painted, decorated and well fed.

#)On the other hand how could a religion be so sensitive to animals and not show that sensitivity to fellow human beings of a lower caste?.

#)Is the importance because of the docile nature of the cow and the low input high output capabilities of the cow?

#)For the west the cow is just an animal raised for milk and beef. But for the hindu's it is god. Everything from its urine is supposedly holy. Rather than being practical are we still living in the fantasy world.

#)Last but not the least is it going to make a big difference whether we care about the cow's are not?.

Nice writeup Senthil.
But remember its people who is to blamed of 'poor treatment' of fellow human beings.
Religion cannot be blamed alone.
And that too complicate one like ours. In continuace to your thoughts
Our ancient Rishis lived in Harmony with Nature.
They knew Sun is source of Life on Earth- Hence the reverence not out of primitive fear!!
They knew about atom?!! the comparison of God with 'Anu
Anuvukkal Anuvai'
they knew about time and space and numbers.
If you read Caral Sagans work he gives so much respect to our culture for this aspect alone!!
I recently saw his famous program COSMOS in which he deals with pongal festival.
KK Nagar Kirukan(KKK)
All ur posts r interesting and thought provoking!

Keep it up:)
thanxs sangeetha.
Open ur mind about the cows. Cows should be treated well but it does not mean that make them ur god. in the same way goats, hens and camels shuld be gods.
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