Monday, March 14, 2005


Saw the movie Flavors this weekend. It is yet another movie on the 1st generation indian immigrants in USA.Yet another movie for the desi's to laugh at themselves. It was a well done movie.

But Rather than being just another cross over movie, the directors have really taken some extra effort to narrate the story in a different way.The movie is character based rather than story based. The narration style of the movie is like a mix of autograph and theen deewaraen.It starts with a marriage, showing the different characters who attend the marriage and then does a maniratnam style.. tat tat tat 7 days before and tells the story of every character present at the wedding and how they are all intertwined and related to the groom.

All the characters are narrated in 4 different stories. The main one is RAD the groom who is getting married to an american girl jenny and his father and mother are visiting USA for the marriage, then there are these 3 guys who are in bench(between jobs) at a company guesthouse, a bored house wife and her recently laid off husband and a long distance love story.The 3 bench characters are the humor flavor of the movie and there are some great jokes with them.

The directors have taken great care in not showing the typical characters seen in a desi movie. For a change the parents of rad don't object to him marrying an american woman and are very understanding. Not much emotional display from any of the characters, but there are a few heart warming scenes, told in a subtle way. There is an interesting commonality in the different stories, they all get a tele marketing call to switch to a cheaper calling plan to india.When kamla (rad's mom) starts talking back to the telemarketing person, for a change the telemarketing person hangs up on her.

Flavors also has a nice sound track and some interesting camera angles to support the story. Credit should be given for handling so many characters effectively and for an intelligent screen play in connecting all the characters together in a realistic and humorous way. A simple and sweet comedy movie.

nice review...totally agree with u...gud much better than the other desi-american movies :P
Its a nice movie with a touch of a reality. So many Indian consultants living in the US can identify themselves with the story of this movie. Especially the words "Desi samosa company" have been engraved on my mind.
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