Thursday, March 10, 2005

Democracy Drama

Anos Ekka

The jharkhand politics is one of the interesting movies that has come in the indian democracy theater.It was very interesting to read how the NDA smuggled out the 5 important MLA's.
The MLAs were whisked away from Ranchi last evening around the same time Shibu Soren was sworn in as CM. The five MLAs and 15 of their supporters and two BJP MLAs — Pradeep Yadav and Ravinder Rai — left Ranchi for the nearest airport in Kolkata.

As they entered West Bengal through Asansol, the 22 travellers received a frantic call from the BJP leadership in Delhi, asking them to change course to ‘‘ally’’ BJD’s Orissa. The MLAs then drove to Bhubaneswar via Bankura before they boarded IC-878 to Delhi this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the 36 MLAs of the BJP-JD(U) combine, who arrived by chartered flight yesterday night, divided their time today between Gujarat Bhavan and Madhya Pradesh Bhavan, waiting for the green signal to leave for Rashtrapati Bhavan to prove their strength before the President. more

The news is funny but it also pathetic how democracy is being caried out in the world's biggest democracy. Iam sure this was not what ambedkhar had in mind when he wrote the constitution.

The indian politics is getting chaotic every day.100's of ideologically different parties and 100's of independent MLA & MP's are doing good in the election business. It is high time that we make some serious changes in the way we elect our representatives. I personally feel some of these changes should be done.

#)Completely abolish individuals from contesting for MLA and MP posts. Even though it gives greater power for the citizen to take part in democratic election, it is not worth the trouble it is causing. Imagine a senario where the total 543 MP for the lok sabha are 543 independent contestants. The country cannot arrive at any solution. The country's defense , economy every thing will be in a state of chaos. Even though this scenario is unlikely, still there is a probability.

#)A party should contest in Lok sabha or state elections only if they contest atleast 60% of the total seats. The biggest problem that india is facing is the regional parties. These small parties don't care about the country's well being as such and end up taking care of there own state and there political future in the state.This will prevent the regional parties from misguiding people from voting for issue's concerning whole india and not just there state's.

I think it was the Singapore prime minister Mr. Goh Chok Tong who said The problem with india is that it is having too much democracy and all it needs is a “Disciplined Democracy“.It's time to make some serious change in the election process for a Disciplined Democracy.

I would like to hear some more ideas to clean up the indian election process, from you all.

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