Saturday, February 26, 2005

A night at the Oscars

Tommorrow is going to be the night , when stars are gonna be on earth.

For india, there are two categories to be watched.The short film and the documentary.The short film(Live action) category has Little Terrorist and the documentary category has Born into Brothels a documentary on the childrens of prostitutes in Calcutta's red-light district.If you are saying who wants to know about the documentaries , then you must wait for the supposed appearence of Aishwarya Rai on the presentaion ceremony.

Touching the void the docudrama on the book,was in the pre nomination list in the documentary category, but didn't make it to the nomination list.And House of the flying Daggers is nominated for Cinematography

Another two awards that iam eagerly awaiting is the "Best Actor" and "Cinematography".My choice is jhonny depp and for Caleb Deschane(Passion of christ).By looking at how the oscars were awarded to the best actor's,Iam sure Jhonny depp will get the best actor this time.

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