Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's a Desi's Life

It was snowing when i got out of the house.I was on my way to work, admiring the hyperbolic curve the snow flakes make before they hit the wind shield’s.

I had to stop at a red light.i got the green and when i was about to move, a guy crossed the road. I was kind of annoyed with him as he was slowing me. I took the left turn and started moving in the opposite direction to him.My thoughts ran back to that jaywalker. He was a desi, i have seen him couple of times. He works somewhere in the opposite direction to my work. He always walks to work. Today also he was walking. It was snowing and all he had was a fleece jacket for his protection and it didn't even have a hood.I remembered his shoes. It wasn't a boot, it was not even a leather or a sport shoe. It is one of those kind that is made out of some kind of a cloth. He was walking with head down busy trying to get to work on time.

I started asking the question, Why is he walking in the snow?. My mind was rushing to fill the gaps.Maybe he is working with a desi consultant who is paying him meagerly. Or Could be this that he is trying to save some money to send back home , to get his sister married or pay for his dad's medical bills. Maybe he was layed off from his old company, he sold off all his possession and has just joined this new company, or probably he is just new to US and will soon be getting a car, he is just in those hard day’s of a desi life.

I ve wondered the same way many a times..
Also I guess its only with the desis..When 1 desi's eyes meets another desi's..its instant war.Both of them kinda try to avoid the glance and walk on as they are arch rivals!
U r right.When a south african or russian see another of there fellow country men they seem to be happy to meet each other in a distant land, but that s not the case with majority of the desi's.

How can you be sure it was not a sri lankan, or a pakistani or a bangladeshi???

If that is the case maybe you neednt have felt bad. He is not a desi, so why worry, eh?
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