Thursday, February 10, 2005

Is India a WUSS nation??

Patix has asked a great question in his blog

Is India a wuss nation? My thoughts on that.

Yes we are a WUSS nation. We are a super WUSS nation.

India became a nuclear power in 1974, but still had area occupied by pakistan, a non nuclear country till 1998.I Just don’t understand , why would you become a nuclear power on the first place, if you don’t want to exercise your might.You dont have to nuke them, at least should have pursued a coercive diplomacy. After 24 yrs pakistan tested a nuclear bomb and within months threatened to nuke india.China beautifully boxed india within the subcontinent by making pakistan a nuke power.But india,forget giving nuclear assistance to Taiwan, we are peeing in our pant's even to open a embassy there.

Yes It's a shame that Dawood ibrahim is still alive and Telecommuting for work in bombay, so is Maulana Masood azar who frequently does courtesy calls to kashmir.Its just not terrorist, guy's like Warren anderson the Ex CEO of union carbide, was able to kill around 20,000 people in the Bhopal gas tragedy but still lead a happy life in US.These guys should be pursued and punished.

This WUSS ness is probably in every indian who is considered "gentle and patient".When the IC 814 was hijacked, all the news televisions where beaming pictures of family members crying, protesting to release the terrorist etc. Nobody was talking about not negotiating with terrorist or striking the terrorist. If it would have been the case in israel, you wouldn't have seen that outburst asking for the release of terrorist. In china or USA the media would have been controlled and orchestrated to make people believe that striking the terrorist is the right thing to do.

Like an indian ,a common chinese citizen also is a "gentle and patient" person.But the chinese govt is not.The reason being that there military and foreign affairs are not influenced by a frequent regime change or vote banks. They have a defined policies in terms of there security and foreign affairs and they stick to it. India still hasn't defined a self interest foreign policy.

It all started with Gandhi and nehru. They dreamed a world where every thing could be achieved by ahimsa. Maybe it worked at that time, but not today. We cannot carry the identity of the land of mahatma, the land of ahimsa/non-violence etc in the current world.Today the language of power/ might and violence speaks more than peace or non-violence.The Dalai lama's of the world who cannot preach violence but want a peaceful land of there own are long forgotten but the yasser arafat's who bomb and kill to get there piece of land get to mediate with the American presidents. We cannot follow the Mahatma's principle, when our neighbors are pursuing machiavellian principals.

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