Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

Finally read the much talked about book. It was good. Dan brown seemed like a mix of Michael crichton and Robert Ludlum.The book was very interesting on some aspects like the plot, the information and historical explanations regarding the various puzzles of the story. But brown seemed to have concentrated more on explaining things rather than making the chase and action sequences interesting. He also lacked in narration skills.

The story starts with the murder of Jacques Sauniere curator of a French museum, the murder trail brings together Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon and police cryptologist Sophie Neveu. Trying to solve the cryptic words, leads langdon and sophie on the trail for the holy grail. yes the same one that comes in Indiana jones and the last crusade. But the grail turns out to be an entirely different thing.

Chased by the french police and the church people who want to get the grail first, sophie and langdon have to go through some 'Drop your guns or else i will shoot this person' scenes.The novel is very intresting when it comes to solving the crypts and there are quiet a few of them in the story.After some twists and turns at last langdon finds the place were the grail is hidden.

That's the story in a nut shell, there is a lot more to it than this,but didn't wanted to revealed any suspense’s or the intresting parts.It is very gripping and pacy at times and boring and repetitive at some places. But dan brown like michael crichton breaks down things to the smallest bit and explains things very clearly. There is a plethora of interesting information in the book, from da vinci to jesus.

The best thing about the book is explaining Christianity from a scientific and historical point of view rather than a religious one. Some of your basic knowledge of Christianity is in for a rude shock. This book is much talked about because of what it is saying about Christianity. how much of what dan brown told is true?, is a thing to debate. I have already heard some of the things revealed in the book like jesus was married. Oh did i say 'married'? well that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read the book there is more. After reading the book you will want to look at the Da vinci's Last supper and will be wondering how much of the things told in the book is true.

As i have joined the privileged bunch of people now. i can ask that famous question to you all.
You havn't read 'The Da vinci code'??.

Why would you want to tell the story and spoil the suspense of the book??
No i havn't told anything that would spoil the fun.i have tried to tell a 450 page story in 8 lines, a very brief summary.A man dies , people get chased and they solve the puzzle at the end. This is a story line that u can say to any robert ludlum novel.But u know there is a whole lot to it than that.It is the same case with this book.
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