Sunday, February 20, 2005

Curb your Enthusiasm

I had to attend a class this weekend. The class was supposed to be for 2,3 hours followed by a test. I had to wake up early and i was already brooding about attending the class on a weekend. I was one of the few non-enthusiastic guy among a bunch of highly motivated people.

The guy on my right was the most enthusiastic of all. I forgot his name, let us call him rightie. He was asking all kinds of questions. The test started. It was an objective type question paper. Generally there were 4/5 multiple choices and you have to circle the right one, some of the questions where scenario's and you are supposed to answer on the scenario. As soon as i started answering, I heard noises from my right hand side. Rightie was writing something on the answer paper. It was a multiple choice question paper and this guy was writing a lengthy answer, i thought to myself, this guy is definitely passionate about this subject and he must be very knowledgable.

I thought he really liked that particular scenario off the first question and that's why he was writing a descriptive answer, but he started doing the same for the next answer also. I looked at the choices for the 2nd question. There were 5 choices 3 different outcomes of the scenario, 4th was none of the above and 5th all the above. Even after these choices he was writing something on the paper and he was writing as if someone asked 'Describe the rule of Emperor Ashoka ?' in a 20 mark questions category.I was wondering what possible on earth can he write after these choices.I was the first to complete the answers and rightie was the last. He wrote descriptive answers for almost all the questions.

I was already ready to go home. But the teacher said he wanted to discuss the answers for the question's. I thought this wont take that long and i should be driving back home in 30 mins.

Rightie was already jumping out of the seat to discuss the answers. To my left was a brother with high decibel levels. The teacher told the first answer. i was wrong .i looked left, leftie was also wrong, looked right, rightie was very sad, cause he was also wrong :).Rightie stood up and started arguing against the answer. He walked out of his chairs went to the space between the glass windows and the table and acted as 3 different people and 2 different objects to get his point across. He waved his hands , bent his body, did difficult facial expression to say why his answer was the right one.I was looking at my watch to go home and this guy was explaining his answer for 5 minutes followed by some pro and counter arguments by other enthu's. The teacher after listening to rightie calmly for 5 minutes rejected his idea and declared he was wrong. Poor rightie came back to the seat like a deflated balloon. I thought that will do it for him, he wont be arguing anymore.I was wrong, he turned out to be a brother of gazhni mohammed.

Leftie who was silent all the while, started to speak. He spoke so loud that i was looking at the glass windows on my right hand side with fear. I am sure he might have made a small crack...
From then on when ever he spoke i was looking at the glass, as me and rightie were close to it.It is another thing that i became little deaf on my left hand side for couple of hours. Rightie's answer were wrong one after the another. Even i had some right answers, but not poor rightie. Rightie was so enthusiastic that everybody thought he is going to be the top scorer. But rightie ended up doing face saving measure like."Ohh is it soo". "i didn't know that one"."when did they change that?" etc.The evil in me came out as a smirk.

I guess i would have also been as enthusiastic as my neighbors if i was passionate about the subject like them. But i wasn't and i was viewing everything with a humor glass.

Then the teacher started talking and started explaining some rules. It got boring as my neighbors were silently listening to the lecture. I entertained myself by scribbling on the paper.

My view of my teacher

Teachers view of me

It was very booooooooooring

The lecture ended and i was the first one to rush out. ohhh I forgot to say something. Remember the 2nd question?. 5 choices, 3 choices on scenario, 4 th none of the above and 5 th was all the above. The teacher asked what everybody answered. Asking everyone to raise their hands for those who answered a, b, c, d, e respectively. Rightie didn't raise his hands for any answer. When the teacher asked rightie, he said the choices for the scenario were not correct. So he included 2 more choices and answered one from the two added choice.I was looking at him with grinding teeth and red eyes.

Next time you see rightie run the other way round ;p
i was supposed to attend a follow up class the next week.But i went underground.
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