Thursday, January 06, 2005

Travelling with Bill Bryson

I became a big fan of Bill Bryson after reading "The Walk in the woods". Walk in the woods is bill's travelogue of his attempt to hike the AT(Appalachian trail). AT is 2,144 mi (3,450 km) long running from maine to atlanta, crossing 14 states. I remember reading it in a bus.I was laughing out loud so many times that all the passengers started giving me strange looks.It was a hillarious book filled with information.I decided to read all Bill Bryson books after finishing "The Walk in the woods". But somehow never got time to do it.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances my Christmas vacation plans went awry. I was disappointed.It was a company shutdown and i had 10 days of paid holiday. I was cursing myself for wasting the vacations. Then i decided i will still go ahead and use the holidays for traveling. A virtual travelling. Who else could be a better travel companion than Bill Bryson .I decided this is the right time to fulfill my old wish of reading all bryson's books. Well i was not able to get all of the books ,but managed to get the main ones "In a sun Burned country", "Notes from a small Island", "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and "I'm a Stranger Here Myself".

I had a great vacation and one good thing about virtual traveling is that my traveling is continuing even after the holidays.

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