Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Politics of Padmashree

PadmaShree Mithun Chakrabarty

My guess turned out right.Padmashree to SRK is a political award.Well they predicted the winner back in december itself.check out the report in statesman.Another great thing that article says is that they were considering mithun for the 4th highest civilian award.Just can't beleive it.

Given the fact that this is a political award.My guess is sitting MP Govinda will be getting the Padmashree very soon and don't be surprised if the movie title "Padmashree Laloo prasad" becomes true.

Clipping from the Statesman

Shahid Pervez in New Delhi
Dec. 23. —The Union defence minister has recommended the nomination of the Bollywood star from Bengal Mithun Chakrabarty for the Padmashree.He recently sent a letter to home minister Mr Shivraj Patil, recommending Mithun’s name, sources said. A recipient of a couple of national awards, Mithun’s career spans over 25 years.

But, interestingly, speculation is rife that Mr Patil is interested in getting the Padmashree for reigning Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. However, this was not confirmed officially.

Shah Rukh is considered close to 10, Janpath. By his own admission, he is a fan of Mrs Sonia Gandhi also. Soon after the Congress’ victory in the Lok Sabha polls, Shah Rukh had called on Mrs Gandhi to “salute her bid to give up the PM’s post”. He enjoys warm relations with the Gandhi siblings also.

It will be interesting to see who wins the Padmashree race — the “current king of box office” or the fading star of yesteryear with proven acting credentials. Mithun is perceived to be a Left Front supporter and has reportedly become close to Mr Mukherjee recently. The Prime Minister and the home minister, sources said, play key roles in finalising the lists for Padmashree and other such distinguished awards.

I think in next 10 years we should be able to see a privatized Padma**** awards committe which would give an award for 1 Crore or some money whatever :-)

Gee didn't know till I read your blog. Sounds really ridiculous. Most probably in the next 10 years it will become like our own award prob Datuk. Read about it here.
Good one sudhakhar :).
Yeah in 10/12 yrs .you can hear a dialogue like this.

Actor 1:What are you doing?
Actor 2:Iam filling out form for padmashree?
Actor 1:Don't bother i already bought it.I got one for you also.
Actor 2: For me??.I havn't even filled the form.
Actor 1:Because this is india's 70th year of independence they gave 2 padmashree's for the price of one.So i got one for you too.Just call up this number and give the details.

But it's just not money.Pranab mukerjee the defence minister is proposing mithun because,mithun is from his state(west bengal).

Looks like politics and awards and interconnected.Iam hearing lot of politics in Oscar awards too.

As some one said.The awards committe should be responsible to the public and should release documents supporting these awards.
At this rate, they will soo have 'quotas' for Padmashrees based on industry/state etc.

So WB gets this much, TN gets this much, cine industry gets this much and so on...
true...very very even awards can be bought...what a pity..
Mithun is fit for padmavibhusan nt for padmashree
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