Thursday, January 27, 2005

Padma Shree / Padma Bhushan For Sale

Does Sharukh khan deserve Padma Shree?

This guy is an average actor, who hasn't learned or matured in his acting since the start of his career.He can't express more than two emotions, and here he is, a Padma Shree award winner.

I dont know on what criteria he was given the Padma Shree.The award committee should stop giving awards just for the reason that they have to give it to some one every year and stop disgracing the previous award winners.This is even worse than the Padma Bhushan that was awarded to Rajini kanth.

The only possible reason that i can see is ,he might be joining congress soon.

When you compare giving the Bharath Rathna to MGR, giving the Padma Shri to SRK or giving the Padma Bhushan to Rajinikanth are all nothing. At least, they are being awarded for their accomplishments in their respective fields.
I agree with you that Bharath ratna to MGR was THE political award.But i wont use the word accomplishment for SRK or Rajini.Rajini got Padma bushan for his proximity with the BJP during that time, not sure about SRK.
Even me too got a shock to see this year's so-called Padma**** awards. I pity about the great people who got the same in past, present. The awards committe should be responsible for public and release documents supporting these awards. Don't tell me SRK did his "" very well, hence he got the award ;-)
Rajini makes money for his producer. As a movie maker that’s all I care. Rajinee did not become the super star overnight; this is another discussion I am not ready to go there. In every job there is an element called "hard work" and you consider acting as the only element to get padambushans and padamashrees
but I also see the Popularity, Investment returns, good will earned etc as other criteria, I think Sharuk and Rajinee pass most criteria with flying colors.

The Padma Bhushan is awarded to recognize distinguished service of a high order to the nation, in any field, including services rendered by government servants.

what iam saying is that there should be a standard,some sort of a rule for selection for the awards."ismail merchant", zakhir hussain" and "APJ abdul kalam" are all past recepients of padma vibushan, was there service in their feild equal to that of rajini in his field.??
professor romila thapar refused her padma bushan.check out her interview
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