Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How does one adopt a village?

After seeing vivek oberoi's village adoption if you were wondering how some adopt's a village?.Here is the procedure for pondy.

Excerpts from the CS Khairwal, Chief Secretary of the state of Pondicherry's interview to Upala KBR in Mid-day

How does one adopt a village? Are there any procedures involved?

One has to write to the formally write to the Chief Secretary, Pondicherry or the Rehabilitation/Relief Commissioner (Silvaraj) and state whatever you feel like doing or want to do.

The only criteria we have is that the organization adopting a village should not be a religious organization, political party or a person or NGO teaching religion. It can be NGO’s involved with socio-economic work.

Corporate houses and film stars are also welcome. We don’t mind stars getting involved as they will only provide facilities to the affected people and are not interested in building a temple, mosque, or other religious institutions there.

From the time you submit an application, it takes 15 days for the approval to come through. Once we give the written document, we will allocate the land.

How much commitment does it require in terms of money spent per year and how many years would the involvement be?

The money required per village would be Rs two crore; the people to be rehabilitated would be about 2,000, and 600 houses would need to be rebuilt (approximate figures).

The statistics would, in actuality, differ from village to village. As far as the level of involvement is concerned it takes about six months for total rehabilitation.

Once the organization/ individuals provide the basic infrastructure, the state will take over. But after that if they want to keep communication or remain involved with the village in any way, they are most welcome to do so.

How many commitments does the district collector have on paper from celebrities and corporate houses?

There are lots of people wanting to adopt a village. I have got applications from 25-30 organizations and people wanting to adopt villages, including government agencies like HUDCO, Indian Oil, NBCC and film stars. At the moment, we are going through the screening process, 15 days after which some will get the letter.

Children play on a merry-go-round wheel at a temporary shelter adopted by Oberoi.

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