Saturday, January 15, 2005

Five people you Meet in Heaven

It is a very straight forward book, which talks about the character eddy, who dies and goes to heaven and meets five people . These five people are somehow involved in his life and they all explain him the meaning of life. It was a book on tape , so it had soft and elevated music to make us feel that we are in paradise. When I was listening it, i started crying. Tears where running down my cheeks. Hold on, don’t think that it was such a moving book. I was crying cause i was cutting onions for my dinner.

It is a great book ,if you like chick flicks, believe in paradise, love teddy bear and like all cute things. But if you don’t like any of the above its a waste of time. It felt like another version of “It's a wonderful life“.I just finished reading "The Time of the Hero" by Mario vargas llosa and was having a hard time switching to this kind of a simple book . Straight forward story line, simple language and all kinds of cheesy words makes this book plain and boring. I was not able to digest the fact that books like "five people i met in heaven" end up as New york times best sellers. Even a 10th grade student could write a novel of this language and style. He just has to come up with a story covering paradise and the concept of good deeds will be rewarded .

Maybe this "Its a wonderful life" style is closer to certain type of people. So it is a book you will hate it or love it. And "I hated it".After reading this book i decided not to read a book, just because it is on the times best seller.

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