Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Firefox breaks 20,000,000 downloads!

Firefox the next generation browser breaks 20,000,000 downloads. Unfortunately the lead developer of firefox Ben Goodger just switched to google, fueling the rumour that google is working on its own browser 'Gbrowser'.Firefox on the other hand is planning to take 10% of the browser market by this year end.

Are you still using Internet explorer??.Try Firefox

Spread FireFox

Always interesting to see what Google will come up with next. And yay for Firefox!

Thank you for your comment on my blog! And a credit link for using some of my icons will be nice too. Thanks! :)
Google is coming up with tv search. check out the links

Did you check out the new entry in the blogs i visited :).
Awwww .. thankoo thankoo! :) That's very sweet of you to have done that! Many thanks!
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