Monday, November 29, 2004


After I decided to go to peru .I started my researches on the internet. The more i researched, the more places i found to see in peru. What started as a Amazon trip, became amazon , manchu picchu and after a lot of changes to the itinerary it became amazon, cuzco, manchu pichu, lima, nazca, ballesta islands & lima. I had to drop lake titicacca the highest navigable lake & northern peru.

When i was asking questions in the peru travel forum. some one named paola answered my questions. When i asked more questions, i came to know that she works for a travel agency. she said she can help me with the itinerary and send me a proposal to travel with there tour agency. Great way to catch clients, i thought. I started talking to her and couple of other operators. paola always quoted less than the others and was very flexible and patient with my itinerary changes. so i decided to take the tour with them.

The forums where filled with too much of information’s and scares. People have big scares regarding Latin America. I heard great mugging and theft stories. And for amazon they asked to take all kinds of vaccines.

Before starting i was talking with my friend Ezhil and we had friendly disagreement, he cursed me saying that my flights will be delayed for 5 hours and that i wont be able to make it to Peru. His words made me thinking about travel insurance. I asked for quotes from couple of agencies and zeroed in on one agency.

I checked out 20/30 books from the library and was voraciously reading information regarding peru. my attempt to learn Spanish in 10 days failed miserably. I didn't even learn 10 words. So here iam going to a latin american without any spanish knowledge. except for hi and thanxs i don’t know any word. well i can count to 3, thanks to ricky martin.

I checked the for weather in puerto maldonando and cusco.The 10 day prediction showed scattered thunder storms for all 10 days and only 3 days of rain for cusco. But the 3 days of rain in cusco was exactly the same 3 days i was supposed to stay in cusco.

I felt the whole thing as a big gamble. for i didn’t know spanish and i don’t know my tour operator that well. what if the person who turns up at the airport, takes me to some place and robs me??. What will happen if my bus breaks down in the middle of a forest? i wont be able to communicate and will be struck. I heard that accidents are very common and so are flight delays. With all these fears and loads more given by the travel forums. I took the brave decision to go ahead.

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