Saturday, November 20, 2004

Nov 28th,Day 10

Lima : City Of Kings

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Today was kind of a free day. I had only one engagement, the gold museum. Other than that nothing else.

The gold museum in lima is supposed to have the biggest collection of pre-Hispanic gold. Recently they proved that most of the gold there are fakes. I Went ahead to see the fake golds. Actually the gold was only apart of the collection. There were other great collections in the museum. One whole floor was for war related stuffs. From different uniforms to weapons of great leaders. For someone who is addicted to war strategy games like Age of Empires and Rise of Nations, the weapon collection was all that i needed.

There were lot of nazca and chavin potteries on display.

The museum had some mummies, trepanation skulls. One skull had a whole covered with gold .Looks like after trepanations the person's wound was covered with gold and the skull has grown around it. Beautiful dresses and pottery works where also on the display. There were dress made out of bird feathers, yellow and green and red. They must have killed quiet a lot of birds to make one of those dresses.

Tried my hands on a scary shot

There were lot of jewels on display.Some of them were so heavy.Dont know how they were wearing all these jewels without hurting there neck.

Tumi the ceremonial knife is kind of the mascot of incan gold ornaments.
This knife was is supposed to be used by the pre incan moche culture and the incans also used it in all there ceremonies. This following event occurred about 1500 years ago, during the Splendor of the Moche, a Pre-Inca civilization.

The naked prisoner of war stands tied to a tree, his arms bent around its trunk, his mouth open in a cry of pain. His face has been peeled away, leaving no lips to cover his teeth and only cartilage where his nose had been. He strains to avoid a vulture that is pecking out his right eye. Opening his breast with a TUMI and seizing the still beating heart by the diviner, will be the last thing before his head being cut off with the same pure gold knife, in order to please the Sun God.


My guide pointed out the eyes of the figure on tumi and said that the eyes are asian eyes.Which supports the theory that the peruvians were basically migratory asian hunters, who crossed our to the americas during the ice age.

Came back and wasted some time in the hotel and started back home.

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