Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Thiruvasakam in symphony

Thiruvasakam in Symphony is ready.This great project which is one of its kind is almost finished.Undertaken completely by IR fans and people who wanted to promote quality arts and literature, the musical CD will be released shortly.This project which was started almost 2 years back had become a reality now.All the recordings are done and the final cut is ready.It should be out by early 2005.

The hindi version was put in back burner.The lyrics that gulzar wrote was not doing justice to the saying. "thiruvAchakaththukku urukAdhAr oru vAchakaththukkum urukAr" (If thiruvasakam is not able to melt you,no other script will).The english version is being done by "Stephen Schwartz".There was lot of translation issues here also.
Thiruvasakam starts like this.

namachchivAya vAzga nAdhan thAL vAzga
imaippozudhum en nenychil nINgAdhAn thAL vAzga

which Rev.G.U.Pope has translated as(read his complete translation here)

"Hail, the five letters! Hail, foot of the Lord !
Hail, foot of Him Who not for an instant quits my heart !"

namachivayam is a 5 letter word in tamil.which is translated as "hail the 5 letter's".It seems the 5 letter denotes the 5 elements.Manika vachagar is hailing lord shiva who supposed to be the 5 elements.All these in 2 words in tamil "namachchivAya vAzga" how can u exactly translate this in english :) ?.Well let's wait and see.

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