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why why why?


Why on earth would they remake a beautiful movie like "Manichithra thazhu" in tamil with rajini in the lead and direction by P.vasu.This story does not have any rajini material in it.How could someone like rajini do justice to "Mohan lal's" acting, they are the opposite sides of the acting spectrum .Only in kerala can a movie like "manichithra thazu" could be made as a main stream movie and run for an year , for tamil audience and rajini fans, this movie will be polluted thoroughly.

This is a typical Malayalam movie where the heroine gets as much scope as the hero. That is not it, there are lot of things about the movie that does not fit into a rajini movie formula.

1.Mohanlal entry into the movie is only after an hour or so.
2.There is no duets or fights for mohanlal.
3.There is pretty much no romance, except for 2 scenes in the end.
4.The movie is a beautiful merger of Psychology and the village customs, blind belief’s.The story kind of becomes surreal with the tamil dancer naga valli character.

Things will definitely be not the same in chadhramukhi.if i have to guess
1.Rajini's entry will be done within the first 20 mins.
2.There will be an entry song. where rajini comes to the village singing and dancing with the farmers in the field. At least one fight, for that an external villan character will be introduced into the story.
3.There should be minimum 3 songs for rajini. At least 2 duets.
4.The movie will be made into a perfect masala. I hope they wont add an erotic dance song.

Manichithra thazhu is a great movie, It is yet another classic of fazil, a near perfect movie. The movie gives enough scope for every one to show there talents. Whether its mohanlal, shobana , suresh gopi, nedumudi venu or thilakan. Shobana got the presidents award for "manichithra thazhu" and "Thenmavil kombathu" in 1994.Her performance in this movie is outstanding, she plays the role of “Ganga” and her split personality “Naga valli” . There are scenes where, she shows her transformation from one person to the other , just with her eyes. I don’t know how someone like jyothika is going to do this role. Someone got to tell dumbo P.vasu that having big eyes shouldn’t be the only qualification to do the role of shobana.
At least iam happy on the fact that kamal is not doing chandramukhi. Otherwise he would have changed the story in such a way that the hero will be the split personality. He will come in 2 roles with 2 different makeups and all the other characters including prabhu will come only in 2 scenes and kamal would act 2hrs 20 mins of the 2hr 30 mins movie.

I hope rajini will play down the heroism and do little bit of justice to the original version. Laloo's like P.Vasu should stop remaking the very few original movies like manichithra thaazhu.This is a disgrace to the original movie and chandramukhi will only end up giving a distraught and bad image about the original.

its really bad tht u want to judge the movie even bfore u see it..i have seen manichitra thazhu & i think that its a fabulous movie...obvsly, the tamil version with rajini is going to have a lot of commercial elements to make his fans happy...but just having these elements is not gonna make the movie bad...mebbe its just the core of the story that is taken from the malayalam version & tailor-made to fit rajini...u never know till u watch it rt?
iam not judging Chanramukhi with Baba or p.vasu's Uzhaipalli.iam damn sure this movie is going to be better than BABA.iam trying to compare it with MT(manichithra thazhu) and after watching so many p vasu and rajini movies i think i can predict what is going to come.As far as iam concerned MT exactly stands for not having commercial elements just for the heck of it.It was a huge success in kerala without having any commercial elements, iam just angry that such a beautiful movie is again cooked with the age old masala.

I used to insist my tamil friends to watch MT, so that they can understand the malyalam movie standards.if i ask them to see MT after chandhramukhi's release, the answer i will be getting is "i have seen chandhramukhi". which is obviously not the same.
u r one of those "brainy", "well informed" ppl I believe. Appreciate you for that, but all I see in your posts be it Kamal Haasan/Rajni I just see contempt probably taking it's source from jealousy. R u a mallu? 'cause most mallu's have this forlorn feeling that their cinema industry, though known for good stories and award winning movies is not popular as the shiny equivalents in Telugu, Tamil or Hindi.

Yeah Kamal Haasan might've taken inspiration from all the movies u mentioned. Yeah Rajini acts wih heroines who are a third of his age. But dude, why do mallu women want to act with him. Why do most mallu actresses show interest in other languages? dabbu naina, paisa!

Chandramukhi's heroine is mallu brother. Baseline is, there r ppl ready to watch Rajni and Kamal. What's ur problem? U r'nt the first guy. There've been a lotta ppl who've been lamenting like this and ultimately died doin' so.

If educated pundits like u can nominate Chinese movies which have everybody flyin' around to the oscars, every Rajni fan is much better off doin whatever they do.

Take a hike dude, u r just pathetic.
your whole answer is based on the assumption that iam a mallu guy.Iam sorry, you are wrong.Iam a wood tamizhan.It is not jealousy or contempt, it is a yearning for good art forms.

"Yeah Rajini acts with heroines who are a third of his age".
when did i say this?.I think this was told by hemanth( in his blog on chandramukhi.Are u sure you are in the right blog ??
Yeah, this is the time of remakes.

Kamal doing vasoolraja mbbs.

Rajini's Baba failed miserably in the BoxOffice. He sees kamal still giving hits(through english remakes).

So now rajini wants a hit and he remakes "Manichithra thazhu".

He wants aish but she is busy in b'wood. So he brings jothika. jo prefers the the main role rather than doing the duet with rajini.

The superstar of tamilcinema wants a hit miserably. And he will do anything for that.
Ok, Manichitrathazhu is an awesome movie, agreed. But why do u have the feeling that it should be untouched?

The crux of the story has been taken and cleverly remade. Mohan Lal comes into the movie late, agreed. Rajni comes in I don't see anything being lost here man. Shifting the spotlight on Rajni has not hampered the film in my opinion..

Infact I am disappointed that more Rajni elements were not included. I felt there was scope for it. You will understand when u watch the movie.
In first place there is nothing called as good movie, romba subjective. Who knows, to me this mallu movie you have told might suck right royally while I would go and enjoy Rajinee's version better, yes I know there are elites in this world who assumes they have superior "taste".. I dont.

The Bourne Identity - did Kamal not screw up this screen play in Vetriviza , the climax in particular. Kamal manages to meticulously flick from other English scripts right?, don’t we accept. Like wise, there is nothing wrong in Rajinee choosing this script. He would not take anything just to misuse it, being in the film industry for almost 3 decades now,. He would know his salability better than anyone of us. secondly catering! Like vetri viza or Avai shanmugi this screen play has been catered to Tamil folks via Rajini. Being good or not is once again very subjective. Thats all. I see no gaga over this issue at all.
It doesn't make any sense ot be made into a rajini movie.Lot of compromises have to be made for that.which wont do any justice to the story or to a rajini fan.

I hope you have seen this movie by now.Tell me now whether this is a right story for a rajini movie?.
SenthiL, when it comes to a movie story is secondry, screen play is vital, if you have good screen play for Rajinee this story would work. I dont call myself as an elite. I am average fan!, I saw this movie, and I feel it is sheer entertainment! I liked it, I will see it again.
u r right, story is secondary for a rajini movie.But in this movie the story is little complex and involves more characters.Explaining the core story itself takes much of the time, leaving less time for rajini.And that's why it is a wrong choice.
TRUE, some of my friends had similar peelings, they wanted to see an Annamaalai or a Badhshah instead in Chandramuuki we see a a Mr.Simple Saravanan.

[btw: did you note ABC here,
for last 2 days I was wondering how one could write a script using the letters ABC and a car gear panel.]
I have seen Chandramukhi, only because it's loosely based on Manichitrathazhu, and what a disappointment ! The movie actually slaughtered the classic malayalam movie as Mukundhan suggests...This movie is going to raise the star value of Mohanlal in Kerala, when they watch Rajani movie, they will realize how excellent Mohanlal was :)
More than that...where's the logic in this film. Apart from the "Matrix" wannabe fighting scenes and "Anaconda" style giant snake...there is complete lack of reasoning in Chandramukhi, for expample in the malayam movie Ganga's husband is in the position of Nagavalli/Chandramukhi's enemy so she tried to eliminate him by poisoned tea etc. Chandramukhi follows that thread. Then how come in the end, Rajani became the enemy, before you answer that, think she didn't try to kill Rajani but Prabhu. Also, in split personality or Multiple personality expalanation is farfetched in Tamil, not in Malayalam, some of the possession state (Rajani is in front of the heroine yet understand what is happening behind) and stone-throwing "poltergeist" state we happend to see the heroine all the time. P. Vasu should at least watch the malayalam movie more carefully before making an insult like this. How many movies he tried to put in this pot - Manichitrathazhu, Aaram Thampuran...I wonder why Tamil people hail this total nonsesnse.
i wish i could kill that P.Vasu. A complete No brainer, i heard he reamde bharatham in tamil with karthick as the hero.what can u do with this guy
What can I say...
He is a Mallu guy...
Come to think of it...
I just watched "Manichithra thazu" CD twice to desenitize me :)
Me made the right decision.Decided that i wudnt watch chandramukhi no matter wat.
I remember watching some songs in the tamil remake of bharatham and realized how far p.vasu could go to remake a classic movie into something totally 3rd rated...
anyway its totally subjective..rajni movie is meant for rajni fans who just watch his movie to see him in his usual glory void of any logical or classical or aesthetical element..forget all this..for them cinema isnt an they prefer to watch a no brainer movie...but its their money and let them watch any crap they want to watch it..
all that we could do is choose not to watch it...
hey i want to answer to the guy who says that mallu's are jealous that they dont have shiny movies like tamil,telugu,hindi...
Mr.Brainee, def the producers in kerala wud know better than you to just leave the fans crave for shiny movies and not make money...they dont go for it coz people there prefer to watch movies that are classic and not 'shiny but rotten'..
thats one reason why the malayalam industry still continues to give great movies..coz they have an audience for it..
And why do mallu heroines act in tamil movies...dabbu u said...true..thats the main reason..
but why do the movie makers go in search of them????think mr.well informed.does that mean that u dont have heroines in tamil film industry who are beautiful and yet know to act as well...
Manichithrathazu is known outside kerala because of Chandramukhi and not the other way round.

In fact mallus should be happy that other state people are recognizing theur films, instead of crying over the roof top and repeatedly saying as classic,classic.

First thing mallus should understand is the movie released worldwide. Malaysia, singapore,japan,UK,US , middleeast. These people who are exposed to hollwood movies come to watch tamil movies because they are tamils and watch rajini movies for rajini only. Similarly people in TN and AP watch rajini movies only for his screen magic .

Any bull shit story would do for rajini to do a sucessful film. Since rajini liked the story(a mistake some times he does), p.vasu has to change the story to suit rajini.

Moreover the movie is sold for a record 30 Crore worldwide (not possible to sell it for even 3 crore with mohanlal. mohanlal a great actor in kerala does not even have a market in neighboring TN leave out malyasia,singapore.)

Ultimately the person who goes inside and watches the movie has to be happy after watching the movie .

Rajini most of the time does it and U hope he can do with chandramukhi also.

Story wise Manichithrathazu /chandramukhi/Apthamithra are shits . A vittalacharaya /jagan mohini type story.itz for rajini the movie is a hit else the another biggest flop.

and of course in TN,AP,Karnataka and kerala.

Unlike mallus who have patience to watch slow movies (only slow movies can produce classic by showing facial expressions of actors for a longer time), other state people dont have that much patience.
Obviously you haven't watched the original or didn't understand it well.
The surprising thing is that most people who watched Manichitrathazhu, rubbished Chandramukhi, especially Tamils, Senthil is also not a mallu. The reason we are saying Chandramukhi is a trash has nothing to do with prejudice or degrading Tamil actors. The reason, mainly, as Senthil says "It is not jealousy or contempt, it is a yearning for good art forms." Right now, I am not even proud of Malayalam films either, they are also making rubbish more and more...
Mallus are aware that their films are recognizing others even before a decade....There are lots of movies based on Malayalam films especially in Tamil and Hindi industry. Kireedam, kilukkam, Ramji Rav speaking,Aryan...and countless others. At the same time, Malayalm film industry also adopted many movies from Hollywood movies and fiction. One flew over the cukoos nest (Thalavattom), Pappilon (Kalapani), Stakeout (Vandanam), Fugitive (Nirnayam), Ghost (Ayshkalam) to name a few...
I can even say, for example Manichitrathazhu got its inspiration from Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. It's my suspecion only. But, I really enjoyed all these movie's irrespective of their inspirations or origins.
I know the theme is bit Farfetched and over dramatized, especially the idea of disassociate identity disorder (popularly known as multiple personality disorder) and its portrayal. But, the film follows a logical thread that Chandramukhi lacks. Why the Tamil industry makes Rajani a clown?! As long as he beats a hundred people without a scratch, it might make him a "hero" but not a versatile actor.
Don't think UK or Japan is recognizing Rajani as a talented actor, I was in Japan from 1996 and Muthu's victory was not a proud moment for Indians. It was like people going to watch monkeys in a zoo. They THINK how stupid we can be...but enjoy seeing the clown dance and sings...Sorry, if it hurts you, it definetly hurt me because out there you are not a Tamil or Mallu, we are all Indians. So let's yearn for class, and hope our film industry will grow as our viewrs mature.

I belive chandramukhi is a hit in God's own country ..So i belive kerala fans also liked this movie ...

It is quite obvious that Rajnikanth movies canot have that artistic touch ..Neither can Mohan lal do a rajni movie and succeed ..Why should we limit the Art form to what we appreciate alone ?Everything is art - It is only the point of view which appreciates and differentiates the artistic from the trivial .

Senthil and me differ a lot of defining which is good acting - but acting is acting - Its only our point of view which needs to be artistic !

I haven't seen the original version ,but where in the world was the remake version better ? very few cases .Even my fav kamal's Vasoolraja was not as good as MunnaBhai

If u really don't like about that movie ,why prove ur intelligence and thrash the movie ?Instead u can pick up some movie and appreciate it !

If art is to exists ,it is through appreciation and neglecting ordinary works and not by thrashing ordinary works !
Read my previous post again. we are not showing off, Chandramukhi was not a hit in Kerala, but there was a huge crowd for a week, mostly Tamils, and it was the first time I have ever seen people throwing garlands to screen and dancing on their seats!! A lot of keralites watched the movie out of curiosity or refreshing the Manichitrathazhu nostalgia or yes, to oogle at Nayan Thara ;) Well, the point is you haven't seen the original, so there is a great difference in not knowing the real meaning of our posts. You should see Manichitrathazhu and Aaram Thampuran. You also mentioned acting is acting. Who was acting in Chandramukhi!!
I absolutely HAVE to comment :). CM might be a hit, but there's absolutely no comparisons to the original. And I suspect, had CM not arrived after the debacle of Baba (what if it had released after, say, Baasha?), it would not have been the tremendous hit it is. I am not as ardent an admirer of Manichitrathazhu as some of the others (for instance, I felt that a whole bunch of stuff could have been edited out), but CM was a blooper.

PS: I am NOT a Rajni-basher...I genuinely enjoyed Baasha & Padayappa, but none of his other late movies have got it right (anyway, public opinion is different !!).
hum haw and ermm.... is that the best u can do!! I mean yeah chandramukhi's not like the ultimate movie....and obviously no patch on Manichitra thazu....but hey i cant believe you are so jobless as to critically analyse every minor detail in order to put down the movie....for your info its still running in chennai...and so what if rajni has a duet more than mohanlal? BIG DEAL!Malyalam movies have great sense in them and are mostly very good like swapnakoodu but that is no reason to criticise a movie that is quite good in its own someone there said...take a hike, u R pathetic
Chandramukhi was not as good as mannichithrathazhu
can you send manichithra dazu movie Download link to my gmail
Someone said that manichithrathazu was recognized only because of chandramukhi!!!i would say to that person - dont display your ignorance!!!MT came nearly 12-15 years ago and rajini copied it only now! Chandramukhi is known as the copy of MT, not that MT was recognized coz of CM!!!It is fun to see jyothika making a fool of herself trying to imitate shobana's fabulous acting. It is even funnier to see rajini taking so much pains to make a beautiful movie a rajini movie - it was a PATHETIC attempt!!!As for malayalee heroines in tamil movies, they are smart and take roles from tamil heroines and the tamil crowd dont seem to mind that as they dont have heroines who are worth seeing except for simran and may be one or two others!!all so sick, yet they think they got it all made with CM!!!You people have no idea that you guys are the real losers and the credit for that in this case goes to none other than the superstar as you call him!!!
Give credit when it is due! No credit for story was given to the original version by the people who copied it, that was the pathetic part in the whole deal!!!Had it been given the true credit, it would have been truly worth such an attempt!

I loved CM much much better than MT.Simply for the fact that Rajni was there.And for me good ART is one that keeps me happy.Mohanlal should feel good that his film got recognized outside his place coz of Rajni.
Why not AnacondaValii PythonValli
Do you mean AnacondaValli
but how come a split personality can dance so perfectly?

manichitrathal has used one of the best dancers of bharthnatyam... but can a split personality person do so perfectly?
some one told that mohanlal got reputation through MT's tamil version which i strongly disagree. more over i think that CM has brought down the standard of this movie where the movie ran over for more than 100 days only bcoz of its backgrounD sets n rajini's fans and not for the story or for the acting.for a movie to b blockbuster, the main reason must b its story and undisguised acting for which malayalam movie industry has done justification n wil keep up the same.i dont blame CM but the only thing i feel is a movie like MT cannot b beaten my any of the other movies.i am fortunate that we have such a movie in my native language
Mr.Anonymous, i think u have not noticed her dance properly. being a classical dancer, i felt that though she is a fanatic dancer,she has not shown her skill in that dance by the way of perfection but has done fairness to her character along with her acting n dance.she was very commited to the part that she played n i hope this is how a multiple personality would have done.but wen i saw jo's dance, i could not control my was very funny, it is not bcoz she didnt dance wel. rather her xpressions and dance was like a insane's which was not at all apt to the story.i feel finding flaws with her performation is highly immoral
chandramukhi is a bastard movie they spoilt the concept of the movie ,in hindi&malayalam the heroine presumes shiney & suresh gopi in malayalam as it is their ancestral house & the hero is a descent of the king,they have facial similarities can' t understand how can such a superb concept be shattered,this is utter nonsense. if the orignal story writer sees the movie Soothumuki (chandramuki) he will definitly commit suicide
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