Sunday, March 27, 2005

One day Vs Test Match

I used to like One day's more than the test matches. But somehow in the last few years. I have started to like test matches more. A test match keeps u in suspense of what is going to happen the next day, which makes watching the next day's play more enjoyable. That to, if it is a good series with roller coaster rides like the Ind Vs Aus or Ind vs. pak it is great.

Iam fascinated by the old test matches also. The pace bowlers bowling the perfect off line and length with a bunch of slip's.If the test match is in england or australia then there is a special feel to it. The lush green ground, the birds flying when the ball comes towards them, the silence and the occasional claps.

I feel test matches because of availability of time brings the best in the bowler’s and batsmen. A spinner get's all the time to set up a batsmen and not worry about the scoring to get him out in the last ball of the over. Similarly a batsmen's temperament and mind reading the bowler comes to test more in the test matches than the one days. Captaincy becomes an art in test matches.

The match in bangalore is greatly poised now. Will india go for a win?. i doubt it. A draw is definitely on the cards. Defeat unlikely, but hi this is cricket anything can happen.

The pakis have done it.some indian heads are gonna roll.
I agree Test matches are a real "Test"
One simple test to solve the puzzle: Bangladesh beat Australia in a One-dayer. Could it have ever done it in a test match? In one out of ten of them? One out of hundred?


-- Akshaya
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